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Introducing the Direct to Home Mailing Service, which is available on School orders placed through RS+ Schools. With Direct to Home Mailing, you can send orders straight to a client’s home, eliminating the need to either personally deliver or mail out late orders to customers when they call after the orders have been delivered to the school. The service also eliminates the need for additional equipment and staffing at your studio, as well as the need to deal with a shipping service. In addition, Direct to Home Mailing allows reorders from multiple schools to be bundled together so that your studio can avoid minimum order charge fees.

The service costs $5.25 per subject, which includes the standard Schools windowed envelope, a sturdy mailer, and the cost of shipping.

To enable this option, check the “Mail prints directly to your customers” checkbox located on the start screen of RS+ Schools. The software will then require an address for each of the subjects entered. You are responsible for making sure you enter the correct address.

  • This service is available for standard package, green screen, and package from proof orders only.
  • These orders are sent out via UPS Mail Innovations. Tracking is available here by using the recipient name or address.
  • Your studio’s address is the return address on these orders; any invalid addresses will be delivered to your studio.
  • Service items for these orders will be delivered to your studio address or to the Drop Ship address if applicable.
  • This service has a delivery time that can take up to 14 days, therefore there is a waiting period of 14 days before a reprint can be done.
  • Reprints will be done at 50% of the price of prints and the $5.25 shipping/packaging fee.
  • You will be required to enter an address for all subjects on the order.
  • There is a limit for the size of each students order that is equivalent to 15 8×10 prints.

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