Designer Plus Features

May 28, 2014

Not only is Designer Plus a great ordering solution, it also has loads of amazing design features for a bevy of products including Miller’s Signature Albums, Cards, LayFlat Books and more. Get to know your design software today.

5 Things That Ruin Skin in Your Photos (and how to fix them)

May 27, 2014

For portraits intended to flatter your subject, beautiful skin is a must. Unfortunately, there are many elements that can ruin skin in a photo. Portrait and fashion photographer Lindsay Adler shares five tips for fixing skin tones in your photos.

Custom Wood USB + Box

May 21, 2014

Whether it’s a small gift or a personalized detail that exceeds your customer’s expectations, you have a wonderful opportunity to create a meaningful moment with your clients.

3 Tips for Dynamic Female Poses by Lindsay Adler

May 7, 2014

Posing can be one of the more challenging aspects of portrait photography. In this guest blog post, fashion photographer Lindsay Adler shares three tips to help add flair to your posing and create poses that are more dynamic for female portraits.