Introducing QR Workflow for School Photography

May 14, 2018

We are pleased to announce that we have added a new QR Workflow option to our school software in order to help you have a smooth photo day. With QR Codes, your data (like name, school, etc.) will automatically be paired with the corresponding student’s image to save you loads of time. Check out our video for instructions […]

Introducing Matte Metals

April 26, 2018

We are pleased to announce that we have added Matte Metals to our Vivid Metals offering. Available in Metal or White base and printed on a thin aluminum surface, enjoy brilliant color and striking detail with a beautiful matte finish. Plus, we’ve added three new sizes (15×30, 30×30 and 24×48) for Wood, Acrylic and Metals. Learn More

Sale: 25% off Gallery Wraps

April 5, 2018

Save through April 11, 2018 in ROES, Designer Plus and Web Ordering.

Sale: 25% off Press Cards

March 26, 2018

Save on Cards through March 29, 2018 in ROES and D+.

We’re Partnering with Design Aglow

March 5, 2018

Check out this post for details about our exciting new partnership with Design Aglow.

Sale: 25% off Miller’s Signature Albums and Books

March 5, 2018

Save on Miller’s Signature Albums, Miller’s Signature Books, and Custom Album & Book Design.

The Business of Photography: Why Prints Matter

February 23, 2018

Design Aglow shares why printed products are your best marketing tool.

Introducing Web Ordering

February 1, 2018

Online ordering through our website is officially here.

Sale: 40% off Miller’s Signature Album Studio Samples

January 8, 2018

Save on Miller’s Signature Album studio samples and Custom Album Design.