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Rush is over and the New Year is upon us, which means the start of our convention season. Where’s our first stop? We’re headed to New Orleans for Imaging USA.

Visit us in booth #701 to see what Miller’s has in store for 2012 and to hear from some of the top photographers in the industry. Haven’t signed up for Imaging USA yet? Be our guest! Sign up for a free Expo Pass now.

Speaker Schedule

We are so excited to have a talented speaker team representing Miller’s and our sister brand, MpixPro, who will share their expertise on a wide variety of topics. Here’s a preview of the schedule so you can make the most of our Expo experience. You won’t want to miss this!

Sunday, January 15

11:15 am – Learn the Rules & How to Bend Them with Kibbee Walton
Come learn the rules with Kibbee… and how to bend them for the best results! There are two clients to please in a senior session: the senior and the parent(s). The challenge is creating images that excite both the senior to choose your studio and mom to spend the money. To do this, you must have beautiful, solid, sellable images for mom and exciting, fun, and cool images for the senior. It’s a critical skill that every successful senior shooter must possess.

12:15 pm – Ten Best Practices for Social Networking with Lindsay Adler
Lindsay discusses the top ten best ways to be efficient and effective with your social networking efforts. Topics include search engine optimization, becoming a resource for your target audience and other tips to help you make the most of your online marketing efforts.

1:15 pm – How to Make a Statement with Your Lighting with Damon Tucci
Damon has revolutionized the art of dramatic lighting and posing for weddings and portraiture. He will analyze off camera, available and video light applications with a smattering of fashion posing thrown in for good measure.

2:15 pm – Left Brain vs. Right Brain in Sports Photography with Scott Westover
Scott discusses the business aspects that most photographers overlook, in addition to providing insight on how to best set up a sports photo shoot. His experience as a CPA prior to owning his business provides him with a unique combination of skills and experiences that combine both the left and right brain.

3:15 pm – Beyond Pictures on Paper with Jamie Schultz
Join Jamie as she discusses the importance of understanding client expectations and the role this plays in creating a lasting experience for those whom you photograph.

Monday, January 16

11:15 am – The Wedding Family Formal with Chuck Arlund
Yes, wedding family formals are the most important images you can capture during the wedding, yet many photographers rush through them and have a general distaste for them. Chuck explains how to make the wedding family formal fun, including how to get relaxed, light poses and how to light a large group in a church with an on-camera flash.

12:15 pm – Cutting Edge Lighting for High School Seniors with TriCoast
Mike, Cody and Suzy share how they create amazing senior portraits with their TTL Wireless Flash Technique.

1:15 pm – Lighting for Sales with Cris & Deanna Duncan
We all want more sales. We all want to be better photographers. Cris and Deanna empower you with valuable lighting techniques to help you make every subject look their best along with sales tips to help everyone win. You will be able to deliver the look you want and that your clients will love (and buy).

2:15 pm – Marketing Your Vision with Joel Grimes
Developing skills to be a great photographer is only the beginning to surviving in today’s marketplace. It is also just as imperative to become a great marketer. Joel Grimes has been pounding the streets pitching the advertising and corporate markets for over thirty years. Joel shares his wealth of knowledge from learning to overcome the fear of rejection to creating an effective mailing campaign.

3:15 pm – In Demand with JP Elario
JP shares core principles that have helped his studio become the most in-demand in his market and how he continuously attracts new clients without ad dollars. Learn how he gets the most out of Miller’s Lab from start to finish with all of his clients.

Tuesday, January 17

10:00 am – No Cost, 24/7 Marketing with Displays with Ed Pedi
Ed teaches you everything you need to know on how to get your portraits displayed in businesses in your community. It’s one of our studio’s best marketing strategies, and Ed will teach you the steps necessary to make it work for you!

11:00 am – Don’t Get Left in the Darkroom with JB & DeEtte Sallee
Tips and tricks from JB & DeEtte Salee on how to get ahead of the competition and stay ahead!

12:00 pm – OH! The Places You CAN Go! with Belinda Reedy
Belinda knows what it takes to become a rockstar in your field, and she will help you with the art of selling your business and yourself to your clients.

Sports & Events and Schools Booth #711

Imaging USA was such a huge success last year for the Miller’s Sports & Events and Schools division that we’re bringing it back this year bigger and better than ever. Conventions like this give us a chance to talk to our valued customers, gathering feedback about our current offerings. So, please stop by our booth, right behind the Miller’s booth, to introduce yourself and share your experiences with us. Check this blog post for more details.

New Product Show and Tell

Are there any new products you’ve been wanting to see and touch for yourself but never had the chance? Well if you’re coming to Imaging, your wait is over! Get up close and personal with our hottest new products while our experienced staff answers any questions you may have. See this post for more details.

We’ve been working for months to make this an exceptionally interactive and informative experience for all those who visit us during the three day event. So come by booth #701 to learn a lot, laugh a lot and make some friends along the way. We hope to see you there!

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