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Sponsored Platforms at WPPI 2012

Want to spend some quality time with one of your favorite speakers while getting more in-depth knowledge on their area of expertise? Attend one of the WPPI speaker platforms, sponsored by Miller’s, to sharpen your skills and better your business in 2012.

TriCoast: Edgy Posing and Lighting for the High School Senior and Beyond
Sunday, February 19 from 12 – 2 pm

Mike Fulton and Cody Clinton (TriCoast Photography) have always been known for their worldwide wedding coverage. Now, they’re growing in a new direction and have become two of the top high school senior/grad portrait artists in the country. Using state of the art lighting methods, as well as traditional to edgy posing techniques, Mike, Cody and the rest of the TriCoast gang will show and explain in detail how their images are captured. They will demonstrate studio lighting as well as various outdoor wireless flash and strobe techniques using actual client examples. Add a dose of TriCoast business and marketing to their “no secret education” class, and you’ll not only learn, but have fun in the process!

Craig Heidemann: Law School for Photographers
Monday, February 20 from 3 – 5 pm

Craig presents an “essential legal workflow for photographers” from a dual perspective—that of a lawyer and owner of a full-service photography studio. Topics include setting up your business as an LLC or corporation; protecting your studio investment with proper liability and casualty insurance; tax and accounting issues including the new 2012 1099 requirements; using proper contracts for events; employees and independent contractors—and knowing the difference; employment issues relating to liability, insurance and work comp; and understanding copyrights.

Jen Hillenga: Bombshell Boudoir – Making Every Woman Beautiful
Monday, February 20 from 3:30 – 5:30 pm

Learn the psychology and techniques behind creating beautiful boudoir images of every woman, no matter her size. Jen shows you how to build a massively successful boudoir business in a short amount of time by cross-marketing with female-based businesses and referrals.

Jamie Schultz: Beyond Pictures on Paper
Tuesday, February 21 from 8 – 10 am

In this thoughtful and information-packed class, Jamie describes how she transformed her business model and achieved a level of success she never dreamed possible. Join her as she discusses the importance of understanding client expectations and the role this plays in creating a lasting experience for those whom you photograph. Specifically, Jamie details strategies for gathering crucial client information that will help you create products to ultimately increase your profitability.

Lindsay Adler: Fashion Flair for the Wedding Photographer
Wednesday, February 22 from 8 – 10 am

Fashion Flair for Portrait and Wedding Photography teaches photographers how to take the concepts of fashion photography and apply these techniques to their portrait and wedding photography. By adding fashion flair to their work, photographers can distinguish themselves from their competition and demand a higher price for their images and creativity. Fashion photographers use preparation, styling, props, lighting, posing and post-processing techniques to achieve the desired visual effects in their high-end shoots. Yet these very same techniques can be applied to the images of portrait and wedding photography to create outstanding work. Clients want to feel like they are models and to live in a fantasy. This class will help you make them feel edgy, striking and high-end through a unique approach to their portraits. I will cover all of these techniques as well as a variety of marketing tips and tricks throughout this class. This presentation is not about becoming a fashion photographer – it is about using fashion photography techniques for successful portrait and wedding photography.

JP Elario: Beyond the Blog
Wednesday, February 22 from 2:30 – 4:30 pm

JP will teach you how to make a big splash in your local market, continuously attracting new clients without overspending on advertising. Get top tips on successful blogging, from getting the most out of social media to generating constant web traffic. Focusing on today’s hottest wedding trends, from booth set-up to finished product, you will learn how to operate a profitable photo booth service your clients will love. JP shares images that have shaped his style and techniques used to capture and produce those signature images.

Tab McCausland: A Couture Boudoir Guide
Thursday, February 23 from 9 – 11 am

There is no doubt that boudoir photography is one of the most popular growing photography styles. Tab shares her couture boudoir guide, filled with everything from marketing to posing real women to creating an intimate experience.

Damon Tucci: MacGyver-Capture Mentality
Thursday, February 23 from 9 – 11 am

In this platform class, learn how to stumble upon great wedding and portrait images in the field. Damon offers real-world training that will catapult your eye toward finding possibilities everywhere. Spend two hours understanding the use of off-camera flash, available light and video light techniques—and the post-production work (before and after images shown) that revives on-the-go images, MacGyver-style!

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