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We’re getting back to basics with the launch of our simple yet elegant Miller’s Signature Albums. Ecstatic does not quite sum up the way we feel about this new line. The theme of Miller’s Signature Albums: simplicity. From the ordering interface to the to the pricing structure and selection of features, we did our best to keep everything about this line simple yet refined, from start to finish and every detail in between. Intrigued? We thought so…

You may be wondering, just how does this Miller’s Signature Albums line work and how is it different than what we currently offer? So glad you asked! This new line is one ultimate album solution for every client. The beauty is in the concept – remember our simplicity theme – choose your paper, choose your number of pages, choose the thickness of those pages and choose your covers. All this, excluding a few upgraded covers, is rolled into one price. Album options include:

  • Photographic paper AND Classic Felt press papers available in up to 100 sides.
  • Standard Leather, Custom Image, Acrylic and Printed Metal covers with a one-piece design.
  • Sizes from 5×5, 6×9, 9×6, 8×8, 8×10, 10×8, 8×12, 12×8, 10×10 and 15×10.Flat black or white art paper end leaves.
  • Lustre Coating, Pebble Texture, Finelinen Texture and Linen Texture (photographic paper only) finishing.
  • Square or Rounded corners (Rounded available on photographic paper only).
  • Black, Gold or Silver Gilding available (Square corners only).
  • Foil stamping available on Standard Leather covers.
  • Amazing 2-3 day turnaround time with FREE shipping.
  • Free templates through Designer Plus Albums.

You are now thinking, “How do I get my hands on this, like, yesterday?” Well, friends, we have just a few finishing touches to make and loose ends to tie up before we officially send our baby off into the world. This little ‘ol blog post will just have to do until the Miller’s Signature Album is all yours, in late February. Stay tuned to the blog and your email for more, and get excited!

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