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We were excited to add versatile new custom Banners to our offerings and have been even more thrilled with the great feedback we have received since. Customers love the professional look and high-quality performance they offer clients looking to show support at games, rallies, events, fundraisers and more!

But so you know we’re not just blowing smoke, here’s Matt Hernandez, sports photographer of Matt Hernandez Creative, with a few words on the new Banners:

I can’t say enough about Miller’s new weather proof Banners. Not only do they look amazing both inside and out, but they really stand up to the elements as well.

As a sports photographer, it’s a great product to offer. Many of my customers print large banners for their senior athletes and hang them at the field for the duration of the season because banners don’t fade or show any wear from the weather. And since the majority of my clients are teams and not individual athletes, they absolutely LOVE printing their team photos on the weather proof banners and hanging them on their dugouts during games.

A lot of the teams travel and it is really neat to bring the banners on the road with them for tournaments and away games. Not only is it a great way to get the team and fans excited about the team, but it is also great advertising for my photography business. I can simply put my web site address in the corner of any banner and it’s built-in advertising!

Thanks, Matt! What better time than now to see what Matt’s talking about? Visit the website to make a game-changing play for your clients and add Banners to your product line-up.

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