Organizing for an Emergency: Overview

Organizing for an Emergency: Overview

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Organizing for an Emergency: Overview

A guest post by Joy Vertz

I’ve heard this phrase used a ton of times in conversations, posts and e-mail threads regarding emergency preparedness: “If I were to get hit by a bus …”

But the “bus” that hits can be a lot of different things, right? Depending on what’s happening in life at any given time, there can be a lot of buses zooming by, any one of which could knock you out of commission for a while. It could be:

  • An out-of-state emergency or funeral
  • A family crisis
  • A last-minute opportunity that you need (or really, really want) to take advantage of
  • Anything that can take us away from the office and our current/pending clients with little notice

In my case recently, the “bus” was a trip to the hospital for emergency surgery. Yikes! Thankfully, all is well and life is getting back on track, but it has shown me the importance of preparing my business for future obstacles.

In my case, I have great employees. We were able to work together to cover all of the little details that can sometimes be lost in the chaos of a crisis. A long while ago it was just me – my backup was my long-suffering husband. It has always been my responsibility (and top priority) to ensure that that our business wasn’t completely derailed by whatever emergency happened to come along.

There are a few outstanding organizational tricks to do just that. For the next few weeks, I’m going to look at some strategies that will help keep photography businesses running smoothly – no matter what bus comes barreling down the road!

Here’s the preview – we’ll talk about how to:

  1. Organize by the session (and try to make a session file more like a fork)
  2. Write down the basics (but don’t write from your perspective)
  3. Cross-train – it isn’t just for the gym (and fire drills aren’t just for elementary school)

Stick around for a bit – no matter what stage your business is in right now, I promise you’ll either find some ideas to get yourself on track or recognize some of these great strategies in what you’re doing!

Connect with Joy here and on Instagram / Twitter @joyvertz.

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