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We’re heading back to the basics!  Join us online as we explore the foundation of digital shooting.  You’ll walk step-by-step through each topic, improving not only your craft, but also your workflow.

  • White Balance: Learn the key ingredients to successfully creating a custom white balance in your camera, and the simple steps to an easy white balance solution when capturing in the raw image format.
  • Digital Exposure: We share several methods for determining exposure for the various lighting situations you encounter daily, as well as how to properly expose your images when shooting JPEG or RAW.
  • Monitor Calibration: A correctly calibrated and profiled monitor is important.  Join us as we demonstrate the simple process of monitor calibration and profiling.
  • Digital File Preparation: Determine how best to prep your files for printing at Miller’s.  This session includes topics like file handling of your images, file specifications when processing your images, color space, bits per channel, file types, aspect ratio, and more!
  • X-Rite’s Color Checker Passport: Discover the power and simplicity of the Color Checker Passport from X-Rite.  Learn how to create a profile of your camera for every lighting condition and how to incorporate Passport in Camera Raw and Lightroom.

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