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JB and DeEtte Sallee (Dallas, Texas and Chicago, Illinois) count bridal shows as one of their major marketing tools for weddings. In fact, they added 26 weddings in 2010, 7 of them destination, at an average of $12,000 plus from just one show. Check out a few of their proven tips below.

Sallee’s Top 10 Bridal Show Tips:

1) Always be presentable and NEVER sit down. No one wants a lazy and tired photographer.

2) Don’t ever assume someone cannot afford you. They could have just won the lottery.

3) Don’t ever hand out a list of pricing. The brides will compare you on price alone instead of imagery.

4) Go big or go home. Opt for the double or corner booth.

5) Don’t display this banner in your booth: Free Engagement Session. You will attract the wrong crowd. Trust us, we know from experience.

6) Include a call to action. Offer a substantial signing bonus (that does not cost you much) if they book you in the next two weeks. For example: a complimentary 20×30 Print on Masonite from Miller’s of a wedding day image.

7) Display high-end products in your booth that add to your studio’s perceived value. For example: large Miller’s Gallery Wraps (50×15 is a Sallee favorite).

8) Present the brides with unique press printed brochures rather than just a 5×7 postcard that gets lost in their bag. For example: Miller’s Luxe Cards are a perfect way to catch their eye.

9) Show images that are from destinations outside of your town. You want to stand out and not blend in amongst the crowd.

10) Don’t be afraid to try new booth displays or new marketing ideas. If something fails you will have the next bridal show and a new flock of brides with which to start fresh.

For more about Sallee Photography, visit their website here, and for more educational tips from the Sallee’s, click here.

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