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We’re head over heels IN LOVE with our newest addition to Miller’s Press – Premium Bamboo and 100% Recycled papers.  Bringing these two new papers to market has been an extensive process so you can imagine our excitement when earlier this week, we launched!  Our conversation about new press papers started last year.  When talking to photographers at industry events, we kept hearing the same comments over and over – competition is fierce, product offering is HUGE, and press in general is becoming a major player in studios across the country.

It was apparent we needed to take our press area to the next level, and we thought the number one way we could do this was by introducing new papers to our press line.  We set simple criteria when beginning our search.  The new papers had to feel great.  They had to be unique. And finally, being a paper product, we wanted them to be easy on the environment.  We literally touched hundreds of different papers in the process, finally landing on a luxurious bamboo paper and a vibrant recycled paper.  Here are a few more details on “the chosen ones.”

Premium Bamboo: We’re happy to say that we’re the first pro lab to bring bamboo to the photographic industry.  Once we felt it, it was a no brainer.  Our Premium Bamboo is a warm base, matte finish paper with a unique watercolor texture.  We think the best way to describe it is plush because it feels awesome and is THICK!  Its weight is 150# Cover/265 GSM.  Plus, it’s eco-friendly and tree free.  Because it is a more high end, premium paper, it’s priced slightly higher than our standard papers.

100% Recycled: Our new recycled paper is made of 100% post consumer waste, which made it a front runner for sure.  What made it stand out though is it doesn’t look like a recycled paper.  It’s bright white and has a matte finish so when printed, it shows off bold contrast, crisp text, and a clean background.  It too is heavy weight – 130# Cover/352 GSM.  You’ll find that the 100% Recycled paper is at the same pricing structure as our Smooth, Linen, and Pearl papers.

Both papers are offered on the majority of Miller’s Press products, including all Luxe Cards, Flat and Folded Cards, Accordion Minis, Accordion Books, Bookmarks, Business Cards, and Rep Cards.

If you couldn’t tell, we could go on and on about our new papers, but we know that words can never quite describe how great they are.  You need to touch and feel them yourself.  So how can you get your hands on our Premium Bamboo and 100% Recycled papers?  There are two ways actually:

  • Any press order placed from now until the end of August will be delivered with a FREE set of our new papers.  Hurry, this will end on August 31st!
  • We are also offering a brand new press sample kit for $15.  We’ve combined our Press and Luxe Kits into one comprehensive sample pack that includes all of our paper types, along with a variety of press products like Luxe Cards, Folded Cards, Brochures, Stickers, and more! Go to our Billable Supplies page to order your own.

Find out more about our new press papers by browsing our press category.

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