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Design Market Holiday Collection Feature: Brandsushi

Miller’s Design Market can be a great resource for busy photographers, especially during the holidays. And just in time to save the day, we have sleek and stylish new templates from our friend at Brandsushi. She’s new to Design Market, so let’s take a moment to get to know her, shall we? Here’s the low-down scoop, straight from the horse’s mouth, on our exclusive new designer.

Tell us your story:

I’m an East Dallas-raised, Art School-educated design geek who left the hustle of the Advertising industry to pursue concurrent careers in photography and design. As a working pet photographer (, I was regularly approached by fellow photographers for marketing, branding and design advice, and realized that there was a need for bespoke branding, identity and marketing for photographers around the world.

brandsushi originated as a boutique branding house, but soon broadened its scope at the request of an eager customer base to include product templates, marketing support, and all manner of identity and design services. In November 2010, launched and has hardly had time to come up for air!

How did brandsushi get its clever name?

Time is not something that most professional photographers have a lot of, so their business needs require marketing and product designs that are fast, highly customizable, and current. Enter brandsushi — sushi is, of course, one of the first forms of “fast food” — distinct, fresh, and adaptable to suit any purpose imaginable.

Describe your design style:

If “modern vintage” wasn’t contradictory, that would be it. Clean, modern designs with a bit of retro flair are always my favorites. I love adding little touches of organic detail or vintage-inspired typography to transform a classic design into a polished and distinctive piece that will be loved by clients and photographers alike.

Absolute favorite design you’ve ever created & why:

Some of my favorite pieces — and those that were the most fun to put together — are my comprehensive Business and Marketing sets. I am fortunate enough to have a background in business and brand strategy, and realize how overwhelming the “Marketing Machine” can be (especially for new photographers), so I am thrilled to be able to offer a range of marketing and business templates to take some of the stress and uncertainty out of the day-to-day grind of running a successful photography business.

When you’re not designing, you’re…

Honestly, I am usually designing (either for my shop or for my own private photography and design clients). Of course, I am also a photographer, so I can either be found in the studio or at the park with dog slobber on my jeans, or in my office editing client sessions, blogging, or firing off angry emails to my accountant.

Somewhere in the midst of this chaos, I find time to raise an awesome daughter, Mia, and two studio interns (my dogs, Bruce Wayne the Siberian Husky, and Maddie the Boston Terrier) — all with the help of a fantastic husband. Every now and then I actually make it outside in the Texas heat to tend to my garden or enjoy a quick cup of coffee on the deck between perpetually looming deadlines. Would I have it any other way? Never in a million years.

Welcome to the Miller’s family, Brandsushi. You fit right in and we’re happy to have you! Miller’s customers can find Brandsushi templates through the Design Market. Now, go enjoy her creative goodness and get to shopping!

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