Behind the Scenes 2017: Columbia, MO

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As the end of your busy season draws near, we would like to take a moment to shine a spotlight on the wonderful people who work tirelessly to deliver your orders in time for the holidays. “How do you do it?” is a common question we hear. While many theories have been thrown out there (elves, magic, etc.), the truth is we have an amazing staff that works long hours and weekends to maintain our promise to you.

Our holiday rush is the ultimate test of teamwork and coordination. From hiring and training seasonal help to finding new ways to improve our workflow, we prepare all year for the weeks that span from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Through the many late nights and early mornings, our teams grow closer and stronger than ever before. Every time you click that “submit order” button, there are real people reviewing your work and making sure it arrives faster than ever.

Of course, none of this would be possible without you. We are immensely thankful for your trust and the praise we have received over the last several weeks has been truly overwhelming. Enjoy a small glimpse of the people who bring your orders to life.


The Miller’s Team

Photos courtesy of Lauren Rosenau Photography


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137 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes 2017: Columbia, MO

Barb Zlotnik says:

Nobody compares to Millers for great quality, fast turn-around, a great price and a service department that is so wonderful and nice. You make me feel like I am your only customer! Great Job. I love seeing these “behind the scene” pictures. I’d love to see a video.

It’s always great to meet the people who do such a great job for us. As an artist I rely on your expertise so I can offer my customers a quality product. So a huge thank you from me….Happy Holidays.

Shanda Davis says:

So thankful for all of you and the commitment you have to be the VERY BEST lab out there! Praying blessings for all of you…thank you for all you do!

Thank you for all you do. I love working with your lab and all of you. I always get fast, quality and professional service. Once again, thanks!
Nancy C. Faria
A New Outlook Photography
Tucson, AZ
Cape Cod, MA

KatiKatie Katie Mitchell says:

This is so awesome! I love seeing the faces behind the amazing prints/service I receive. Y’all are AMAZING and I can’t thank you enough for all the smiles and giddiness you help me bring to my clients!

Erin Farley says:

I love this blog post!! Great to see the faces that do so much great work. You guys are the best of the best!

Leigh Anne says:

Thank you for all you do to get orders out quickly and professionally! I appreciate each and every one of you! Merry Christmas!

Thank you for all you do. Merry Christmas MPix!!!

Dawn says:

You all are amazing! Thanks for the great, quick work you do every day.

I’m so proud to be a Miller’s Customer. I don’t order as often as most, but I’ve had a really positive experience every time. The quality is fantastic. It’s so nice to put faces to the fantastic people who bring my creative vision to fruition. Thank you all and Merry Christmas!

I so appreciate the quality of the products you turn out and the speed with which you do it. Add to that great customer service – and that’s what keeps me coming back.
Christmas blessings to your amazing crew!

Bob Weaver says:

Thanks for the excellent work this past year. Your #1 in service and quality Merry Christmas & Happy Holiday!!

Stacy Preston says:

Merry Christmas to a wonderful team that never fails to deliver! We love you! xoxo

Pam Lary says:

Thank you Millers for all your hard work and we so appreciate all you for us. We know you all must be exhausted and we so adore what you create for us. And Thank you for making me look good! All my orders from albums to prints to press are perfect!!! Merry Christmas to all Miller helpers! Cant say enough good things about you. I have been with you guys I think around 14 years.

BriAnne says:

Thanks for all your hard work! You guys are amazing! Happy Holidays

Tamara Gonza says:

This is my first year using Millers and you guys have Exceeded my expectations. From the finest quality product to the fastest shipping, your team of hard workers deserve a huge pat on the back! Thank you guys for surpassing my expectations and making my clients happy! You make it so easy!

Kathleen Moser says:

You are the reason I stay in business, living in a very small rural area. I know I can count on you to make everything look beautiful! Thank you for sharing pictures of Millers. It’s nice to see! I wish you happy holidays and many more to come and to a prosperous New Year!

Awesome lab – from customer service to quality of product to fast tutnaround – right on! thank you for your long Christmas hours you are appreciated!

Barbara Thornberry says:

Thank you, as always, for making my holidays merry and bright! In a world, where “good enough” is the norm, it is refreshing to have company always strive for excellence.

You guys are amazing! Thanks so much for your hard work and dedication to your customers! Have a wonderful and well deserved, restful and fun filled holiday!!!

You helped us finish our BIGGEST and most important order of the year— and well under the time I expected! Many thanks to your team. Very thankful. Been using the Miller’s family lab since 2004. Merry Christmas to all!

James Pitre says:

I’ve been using Millers for over 30 years. In that time you have never let me down. I appreciate your professional approach and your dedicated personal.
Thanks for always trying so hard!
James Pitre

Dan ledbetter says:

Thank you all for the incredible work you do. No one can match your quality and your speed.

God bless and have very Merry Christmas!


You guys are amazing. Thank you for all your hard work, dedication, and beautiful products you provide for our customers! It would not be possible with you guys! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year……..:)

Frank Daughtrey says:

Everybody that I work with their always has a positive attitude where you try and meet my needs. This is so neat to see the lab and all the people at work putting out the product. Please add another photo soon of all the wonderful CSR’s that answer the telephone and are so polite. Now it’s time to look for Dick Coleman’s letter to wrap up the year. Happy Holidays to ALL the people in both the plants ! Many Thanks !!!! Frank

Frank Daughtrey Photography

Jacqueline Mitchel says:

This post is amazing! I love to see all the faces & smiles behind the scenes making it happen! WOW! Awesome job!!

Nachely says:

I love this! Thank you for sharing!!! Your team is wonderful. The customer service, care and attention to detail is above all others.

THANK YOU!! & Happy Holidays to all of you and your families.

Janet Lucas says:

Thank you Millers! You have been our lab since 1973. That is 44 years! We have to be one of your earliest customers. We like the personal touch you give us and the tremendous job of attention to detail on your printing. I hope all your hard-working staff gets to take a much deserved holiday. A special thanks to Richard Miller for his special kindness to us.

Bertha Nassiff says:

oh my! you are all seriously Santa’s elves! Thanks so much for all that you all do! AMAZING PEOPLE!!! Wishing you all the best Christmas ever and a blessed New Year!
Warmest Wishes from our family to yours!

Noemi says:

Hello from Orlando,FL…

You all are AMAZING!!! Thank you for the EXCELLENT customer service and overall team work.

Happy Holidays! Cheers to 2018 🙂

Katie says:

Thank you for sharing this! The best time of year with the best crew and team I could EVER imagine leaving precious memories in the hands of! Thank you so much for your customer service this entire year. You all go above and beyond each and every time. NO one else I recommend or trust with such an important aspect of my business! I wish all of you a very, very Merry Christmas, and hope you all get a well deserved break and spend time with those you love most.

Jennifer says:

I love this! I love Millers!! A huge thank you to every single one of you! I could not survive this crazy season without you and I appreciate your hard work and dedication to service with all my heart. Wishing you all happy holidays and sending you some virtual high fives, fist bumps and hugs!

Fred Salley says:

You guys are the best. I have been a customer for 22 years and never thought once about going elsewhere. I appreciate the “behind the scenes” pics. Let’s us know what you guys and your work environment look like. Many thanks to you

Neat pictures! Loved getting to see behind the scenes and the faces who work to get us our prints! It should be known that I’m a total home body, but I told my husband that I thought getting to do a tour of a printing lab would fascinate me. Do you guys accept visitors? 🙂

Thanks so much for all you do to keep our customers happy. We love the quality of images we receive, the amazingly fast turnaround time, and especially your stellar customer service.

Merry Christmas from our family to yours.

Bobbie says:

You guys ROCK!!! I cannot believe how lightening fast and accurate you are! I am blown away that the turnaround is so amazing during peak holidays and you never skip a beat. So reliable and consistent. THANK YOU! Bobbie

Laney Brock says:

Y’all have no idea how appreciative we are for yalls hard work and amazing quality and turn around time… especially during this time of the year! Y’all are the main lab I use and you can’t beat the quality and customer service y’all provide. Have a Merry Christmas and a happy new year! See y’all in 2018!

Satya Curcio says:

You are the best. Thank you for making it possible for me to actually offer holiday products for my clients! I wouldn’t be able to do it without you!
– Satya

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