Exciting News: Fuji Deep Matte for Miller’s Signature Album

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After months of research and testing, we are pleased to announce that Fuji Deep Matte photographic paper is now available for Miller’s Signature Album. With rich color reproduction and beautiful tones, this lustreless paper gives your images a breathtaking fine-art feel.

New Economy Swatch Kits for Miller’s Signature Albums – Starting at $15.00

Now available through Billable Supplies, you can order swatches of Distressed & Standard Leather, Pearlescent & Textured Leather, Etched Leather and Linens for an affordable price. Each kit is shipped in a small glassine baggy at your expense.

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9 thoughts on “Exciting News: Fuji Deep Matte for Miller’s Signature Album

Audrey says:

Is there a way to get a sample of the Fuji Deep Matte without ordering it in an album? Thanks so much!

Vinee McCracken says:

Hi Audrey, you sure can. Check out the Paper Sample Kit under “Billable Supplies” on our site!

Josh says:

When can we get this paper on regular prints? I need it. I want it!

Vinee McCracken says:

We are working on it Josh!

Audrey says:

YES!!!! Any estimated arrival date?! I was about to order samples from another unnamed company for deep matte prints but if you guys have them coming soon…. 😉

This looks beautiful!

Marit Welker says:

I’m so excited to see this! Having more high end and unusual/artistic offerings for my clients makes me look even better! Thanks for just one more reason to love Millers!!

Renee Scott says:

I assume all of these papers are still gelatin based (animal derived)?

Miller's Support says:

Hi Renee, you can see the contents of this particular paper here: http://www.fujifilmusa.com/products/photofinishing/paper_lab_products/color_papers_printing_materials/deep_matte/

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