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As you probably know, we are wild about Miller’s Signature Albums. Turns out, we aren’t alone. Wedding photographer JP Elario and his pooch Lexie are ecstatic about the new additions to 2013’s Hot One Award winner from Professional Photographer Magazine.

“I’ve been a Miller’s customer forever (like since the film days) and I’d been looking to find a ‘one stop shop’ for printing for quite some time. I was beyond thrilled when Miller’s started offering their Signature Albums. Since then it’s been a blast watching the albums evolve as Miller’s have added loads of cool new options to offer my clients.”

The new leather and linen covers are just beautiful. There is nothing like a distressed leather book with debossing on the cover. It’s timeless, classic and awesome all at the same time.”

We are always looking to add unique products that your clients will love. The Custom Wood Album Box and USBs have been fan favorites since they were introduced in 2013.

I am crazy about the Custom Wood Album Boxes. I’ve been delivering my digital files on the Luxe Custom Wood USB Drive and Box, so adding the same thing for the album is a slam dunk. Not only does it unify my brand, it also looks great.”

Miller’s Lab has kept our studio on the cutting edge for years. You never know what they’re coming out with next which makes being a customer so fun!”

To view more work from Elario Photography, visit their website and Facebook page.

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2 thoughts on “Remarks from JP Elario

E says:

Which color distressed leather is that? Sahara?

admin says:

Hi there. The cover on JP’s album is Terra Distressed Leather.

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