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One of the best things about releasing the Miller’s Signature Album is hearing all the positive feedback and how it’s helping photographers’ businesses. Lauren Rosenau, a lifestyle and wedding photographer from Charlotte, North Carolina, is one such photographer who says:

“Spending less time with frustrating album design software means spending more time drinking coffee on my front porch. I like that. I like that a lot.”

One key reason Lauren gets to spend more time enjoying her favorite caffeinated beverage at her leisure is our new Designer Plus software, which makes it easier than ever to design an album. Here’s Lauren in her own words:

“As photographers, we’ve all been there. We’ve all spent hours designing albums with our fingers crossed, hoping that the end product will be something we’ll even like. With Miller’s Signature Albums, there’s no guessing game. You’re confident that you and your clients are going to LOVE the albums.”

But why does this matter so much to Lauren?

“There are some companies with nice albums. There are some companies with user-friendly design software. I shouldn’t have to choose between the two and neither should you. Miller’s Signature Albums are unbelievably stunning and the design software is incredibly easy to use. I’m in love!”

And that’s what this album is all about – a simple yet beautiful and refined solution that’s easy to design and easy to sell so you can do more of what you love. Visit the website to let Miller’s Signature Album help make your life easier.

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