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We’re wrapping up May in a big way with 50% off 8×10 prints when you order through ROES or Remote Suite PLUS Print Products. How about running a short sale or saving on current orders? Whatever you do, you must do it quick! This sale lasts for three days only.


  • Includes Ambassador and Thrift E-Surface, True Black & White and Fuji Pearl 8×10 photographic prints.
  • Discount does not apply to finishing services.
  • Sale ends at 11:59 p.m. (Central) on May 30, 2013.

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Q: The sale price is not reflected in my order summary. Am I really receiving a discount?

A: Yes, you are receiving the discount; however, the sale price will not be reflected in order summaries or email confirmations. The discount will only appear after the order is transmitted and received by the lab.

Q: Do I need a coupon code?

A: No, the discount is automatically applied to 8×10 orders once they enter our system.

Q: Will I receive 50% off when ordering multiple prints from one image?

A: Discount will apply to all 8×10 prints in the order, regardless of number of prints per image or number of 8x10s per order.

Q: My order total is less than the $10 minimum charge? What amount will be invoiced?

A: Minimum order charges will remain throughout the duration of the sale.  Any order total that falls under the minimum charge will be rounded up to $10.

Q: I ordered 8x10s just prior to the start of the sale. Can I receive a credit?

A: Unfortunately, any 8×10 print ordered prior to the start of the sale will not be credited with the 50% discount.

Q: If I order 8×10 prints print via Sports & Events, Schools, or LabPrints, will I still receive the discount?

A: No, orders will only be discounted when placed through ROES and Remote Suite PLUS Print Products and applies to final print orders only. Any order placed through any other software will not be discounted.

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