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Like clockwork each year, an imaginary switch is flipped the day after Thanksgiving. We hurriedly get to the lab on Friday morning to discover that our photographers have announced the beginning of the holiday busy season. Rush, as we fondly call it in the lab, is the ultimate test of teamwork, communication, time management and training.

We bring on loads of seasonal help to assist with our influx in volume. Veteran employees spend a great deal of time training and assisting new faces with their tasks to insure that each order is properly printed and packaged. When we say “shipping around the clock”, this is not hyperbole. We are here at the lab 24 hours a day, seven days a week until December 23rd so your clients can receive their packages in time for Christmas Day.

Through these late nights and early mornings, our teams bond and grow closer than ever before. We are able to come through with last-minute emergency orders, troubleshoot ordering issues and assist with the many details that come with running a photography business during the holidays. All of these amazing feats are possible for one reason: our people.

We invite you to take a moment to check out the amazing individuals behind the scenes that bring your creations to life. (Columbia, Mo lab)














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161 thoughts on “Life at the Lab

Victor says:

Thanks for your outstanding products and unparalleled customer service & support! You guys rock!!!

Sarah says:

Thank you for the awesome work you do. It’s fun to see behind the scenes. Cheers!

Hayley says:

HOW AWESOME! I loved seeing these and imaging those all being my orders lovingly looked over. Thanks for busting your buns so we can too!

Hillary says:

Thank you for being an awesome lab! You are much appreciated!!!

We can’t THANK YOU guys enough!!! We ordered several albums just a few days before Christmas. Not only were they ahead of schedule but they were impeccable and packaged perfectly. Thank you for not taking short cuts at such a hectic time of year and helping all of us meet our client dead lines. Simply the best in the industry. Hands down!!

Chris says:

Wow! Look up “busy” in the dictionary and there are these photos!!!
Thanks for making us look so good. Don’t know how you keep it going every day . . .

Tara says:

What a neat look at what happens on your end. I love the pictures of the people and the equipment, especially the group picture. Thanks, everyone, for being a part of the big picture.

Lisa Hystek says:

Your simply the best! Thank you!

Jen says:

It was great getting to see the faces of excellence! Millers rocks — never fails, especially during the holidays!

William Klauer says:

How come all the employees, young and old are wearing headphones? Is this allowed? When my guy puts in his ear buds, the brain shuts down. I constantly have to micro manage his work.

When your orders arrive here, there are no mistakes.

Instead of music, maybe you force feed them uplifting comments, or threats made by the owner if they make a mistake. haha

wish I had more orders to send.

Miller's Support says:

Hi William, we’ve actually found that music has the ability to uplift our employees when we are working long hours. We closely monitor our work, if it ever negatively impacted our output we would revisit that decision. Thanks for reaching out to us!

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