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Lindsay Lowry handles brand communication and culture for Little Nest Portraits & the Little Nest Group in Glen Mills, PA. She was the manager of the Glen Mills Little Nest location for 4 years and has a passion for creating exceptional customer experiences. Follow Little Nest Portraits on Facebook to see more of their work, or follow their blog for more customer experience tips.

In our industry, more than most, the experience is intrinsically tied to the product. Each image we create evokes emotions and memories of the moments in which it was taken. For that reason, as we interact with our clients, we must constantly ask ourselves: “What memories and emotions are we creating at this very moment?” The experience, from start to finish, drives the sale, the referrals, the buzz, and a lasting connection we hope to establish with our clients.

At Little Nest, we use a few key questions as guideposts whenever we make changes like adding new products and services, creating a new set, and even hiring new employees. These questions keep the client experience at the focus of everything we do, and it guides us to shape, reshape, and expand our business.

As we enter new situations we ask ourselves the following:

1. Who is our customer and what experiences is she seeking out when she comes to us? At Little Nest, our core client is mom. But she is also so much more than that! She is savvy, discerning, passionate about her family, and dedicates a tremendous amount of time to her children’s schools and her community. Time is precious, and resources are only spent if she can see a real return in value and experience. Constantly reacquainting ourselves with her goals, needs, and expectations is crucial to making sure we are creating an experience that is meaningful and enjoyable for her.


2. How are we meeting those expectations? Once we have regrouped on our understanding of our client’s needs, the next step is to ask how we are meeting those needs and expectations with our offerings. If what we are doing doesn’t fit her expectations, then we shouldn’t be doing it.


3. How are we exceeding those expectations? Meeting expectations is a fundamental necessity. But to truly create a “WOW” experience, it is important to exceed expectations. We are never truly satisfied with a project, idea, or experience unless we have created something that is remarkable. Our client has chosen to spend her discretionary income and her valuable time with us. That’s an honor! It’s our responsibility to make sure she is rewarded in return.


4. Is what I am doing creating an experience that will be simple, fun, and fulfilling for her? At the end of the day, photography is a luxury, and our client is busy. We are constantly aware that if we aren’t giving her a serious feel-good factor, she has no reason to return or send her friends to us. Our goal is to make sure that every step of the process, from booking her session, to picking up her order, should be simple, fun, and fulfilling.


Creating an excellent client experience is similar to creating art itself. You start with a central theme and refine in many ways from there, varying from quite dramatic to almost imperceptible. Continuous refinement is essential to remaining competitive and consistently delighting each and every customer that walks through the door.

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6 thoughts on “The Experience Matters by Little Nest Portraits

Harry Who says:

Great advice given here. Thanks for sharing.

Cleve Corye says:

Great, story and information, this came at a great time when I am started to market and create new business.

Stella Wilson says:

Awww. So cute, beautiful portrait photography.

I am 100 % agree with you: “Creating an excellent client experience is similar to creating art itself.”

Angela says:

This is a great article! Client experience is extrmley important in a bunsiness

Marina says:

I like facial expressions on all pictures! Great job

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