Your Ordering Guide for the Holidays

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We know you depend on us more than ever during the holiday season. Starting this weekend, we will expand our hours of service to better serve your needs.

Extended Customer Service – Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is available with expanded coverage. We are fielding calls Saturdays (9 a.m. – 3 p.m. CST) and Sundays (1 p.m. – 5 p.m. CST) in addition to our standard weekday hours (8 a.m. – 6 p.m. CST). Email assistance is also available 7 days a week. 

No Holiday Deadlines – We will be processing orders through December 22nd with nearly all Print and Card orders shipping out for delivery within 24 hours.

Free Overnight Shipping – Remember, if you submit an order earlier in the day you’re more likely to have your order shipped within the same day. Orders that ship on Friday afternoon and Saturday have a goal delivery date of Monday. Orders that ship Sunday and Monday have a goal delivery date of Tuesday.

Double-Check Everything – Since we are working longer hours, your orders are being processed quicker than ever. Be sure to double-check your work before you hit send to prevent mistakes as it is very difficult to cancel orders this time of year.

Closing for the Holidays– The lab will be closed December 23rd – 25th for the holidays. We will re-open on December 26th.

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30 thoughts on “Your Ordering Guide for the Holidays


Deadlines on metal prints? “Says nearly all”.
Not “website” yet. In the middle of building it. I have a FB page for the Business- Susan Marie Studio.

I have access from my online gallery – Shootproof. I’ve read about self-fulfilled too. Just signed up for an account to order directly today. I haven’t received a confirmation email yet.

Thank you, Susan

Miller's Support says:

Hi Susan, there’s still time to order Metal prints!

Kaletta says:

What about LayFlat Books? If I am having them shipped to my lab will I get them back in time for Christmas if I order today??

Miller's Support says:

Yes, they will still arrive in time.

Megan says:

If I order by tomorrow afternoon (Thursday) signature hardcover and softcover books shipped to my business, will they arrive in time for Christmas?

Jessica says:

If I order a signature album tonight, will it be here before Christmas?

Miller's Support says:

Hi Jessica, yes it should still arrive in time for Christmas!

Miller's Support says:

Hi Megan, yes it should still arrive in time for Christmas!

Christina says:

If I ordered a few prints tomorrow, will they arrive before Christmas? I am in Connecticut.

Miller's Support says:


Sarah says:

If I order 3 albums today, would they deliver in time for Christmas??

Miller's Support says:

Good morning Sarah, yes we should still be able to have them delivered by Monday.

Sarah says:

Does it have to be before 5:00pm today?

Miller's Support says:

I would recommend submitting your album orders before 2 p.m. CST today if possible, but we will be clearing out all the orders we receive now through Saturday in hopes of a December 24th delivery.

Danielle Christensen says:

I placed an order for a book yesterday, will it be delivered today with the overnight shipping?

Lesli Kovic says:

I ordered a Statuette yesterday thinking the still working thing would apply, but my expected date is saying dec 26 to ship 🙁 is that true

Jennifer says:

I submitted an order Tuesday and have yet to have a confirmed delivery.
I need them by tomorrow as I will be out of town until the 26th and these are mostly Christmas gifts.

Jennifer says:

to comment above ^^
I want to add that my husband submitted a smaller order same day as I (Tuesday, the 18th) and even a bit later than I and his order is being delivered today.

Miller's Support says:

Hi Lesli, we are sending you an email now!

Miller's Support says:

Hello Danielle, we are sending an email now!

Miller's Support says:

Hi Jennifer, we are sending you an email now!

Lillian says:

I submitted an order late last night (Wednesday) and I paid extra for it to ship faster, but now its stating it won’t ship till the 26th. Is this true? I will be out of town that whole week so was hoping to get it by this Friday or Saturday.

Pam says:

If I order an ornament today will it arrive before Christmas?

Miller's Support says:

Hi Pam, yes it should arrive on Monday.

Miller's Support says:

Hello Lillian, we are sending you an email now!

Hi, I ordered a canvas print on 12/19 and still have not gotten a shipment email. I was really hoping I would receive these by Christmas. Can you give me and information?

Miller's Support says:

Hi Hayley, we are sending you an email now!

Pam says:

Great. I’ll be ordering today then! When ordering 3 ornaments of the same shape, what’s the difference in the span, copy, individual option. I want some different images in all three. I’m hope that is possible.

Miller's Support says:

Hi Pam, you will have to create each individual ornament so you can customize them however you please. Thanks!

Hi there! I placed an order today for a signature album hoping to make the deadline for delivery before Christmas. Any chance of making it? I did not select special shipping options- do I need to? If so, how can I adjust the order to “Super Speedy” so it arrives on time?

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