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Master the secrets of professional studio portrait lighting with help from Don Chick.  To help you understand the secrets of using studio lighting, Don Chick, Master Photographer and studio lighting expert, is offering his updated DVD series titled The Confident Photographer.  In 6+ hours & 7 DVDs jam-packed with video lessons, you’ll:

  • Finally “see the light” with Don’s uncanny ability to make complex lighting concepts simple to understand
  • Find out how you can consistently take spectacular portraits that are more emotional and dramatic than ever before
  • Discover how to make your pictures come to life with the proper use of main, fill, hair, and background light
  • Learn Don’s deceptively simple, yet powerful lighting tricks
  • Get diagrams, videos, advice, and other tools you need to create beautiful lighting, all presented in 7 easy to understand DVDs

Invest in yourself today, and create better portraits tomorrow.  Find Out More

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