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With senior sessions, weddings and newborn sessions continuously sprouting up, you may feel pressed for time to complete all the post-processing and design work you need to do for clients. This is the time to call Miller’s Art Department.

Our experienced staff is here to cover your back on those tedious but necessary tasks that keep you tied up behind a computer screen. Some of our most popular services include:

Album Design – Are your album orders piling up but you continue to get busier with shoots? Check out album design under our extensive menu of custom design services. Our graphic artists have experience with every style, including modern, classic, grunge and more so that you can rest assured the finish product fits the bill.

Painter – Perhaps you have a client requesting a museum-quality painting effect for their image but this time-consuming project keeps getting pushed to the back burner? Trust Miller’s custom art services to produce a high-quality, beautiful image with painter effect in a timely manner.

Restoration – Bringing a faded or damaged photo back to life often requires an enormous amount of time and attention to detail. Our team has the skill and experience to harness even the most challenging restoration projects to turn out images so amazing they could pass for the original.

Spend more time doing what you love most – getting behind the camera and shooting! Let Miller’s top-notch Art Department lighten your project load with everything from basic to advanced post-processing and design services.

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