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Since our inception, Miller’s Professional Imaging has developed a reputation for having the highest quality products, customer service, and technologies in the industry, all of which have contributed to becoming the preferred lab of professional photographers nationwide. We are proud to partner with a hand-picked group of industry leaders that exhibit the goals and values so important to us.

Today we are thrilled to announce a new partnership with Design Aglow. Like us, they are committed to supporting the photography community with their passion and inspiration, high quality education and access to high level business-building tools and resources. We couldn’t be more excited to align ourselves with a Design Aglow.

As of today, all 300+ template collections in the Design Aglow catalog have been optimized exclusively for Miller’s Professional Imaging. Design Aglow has set the bar for the highest quality in the industry since 2006 and their robust tools have helped 50,000+ professional portrait and wedding photographers grow their businesses to new heights. You can also anticipate more innovative products being added to Design Aglow in addition to new, exciting offers and promotions.

Sign up here for exclusive access, discounts and the newest issue of their beautiful quarterly magazine AGLOW. Plus, through April 5th, Design Aglow is giving our customers 25% off one order of templates in their shop (buy as much as you like). Simply enter the code MILLERS25 at checkout.

Be on the lookout for our Design Aglow’s new monthly column The Business of Photography in addition to inspirational product features, on the Miller’s Blog.

Miller’s and Design Aglow will be working together to support photographers with high quality, innovative solutions for creating sustainable businesses with new products, studio resources, and client guides. Stay tuned for more great news, valuable resources and inspiring content coming your way.

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One thought on “We’re Partnering with Design Aglow

Kat Boone says:

THIS IS FABULOUS!!! Thanks so much for setting this partnership up, I am so excited about this 🙂

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