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In a continuous effort to meet current demand, changes are coming to our Premium Cover options for Flush Mount Albums. We’re simplifying our line to make it that much easier when ordering. But don’t worry – we will continue to offer our top sellers while making several quality enhancements along the way.

Upgrading Existing Premium Leathers

We will continue to offer our most popular Premium Leather cover options but are switching to a higher-quality leather product than what’s currently offered. These colors include: Bark, Black Ink, Cherry Red, Luxe Cocoa and Luxe Ebony. This means we will discontinue some of the lesser in-demand colors, including Bronze, Rainforest, Sable, Luxe Bone, Luxe Indigo and White Crocodile.

Flat Black End Leaf Coming Soon

In addition to the Moire End Leaf we currently offer in our Flush Mount Albums, we will soon offer a Flat Black End Leaf for a simple yet modern alternative.

Printed Metal and Metal Cover Options

We are excited to start offering a Printed Metal cover. Your image is printed directly onto a metal substrate for a modern, edgy album. If you’re looking for a metal option without the print, try our new flat Metal cover for a simple yet contemporary look and feel. The Brushed Aluminum, Brushed Copper and Etched Aluminum covers will be pulled from the line in place of the Printed Metal and Metal options.

Acrylic Covers

The Crystal Clear Acrylic cover, the most popular option of this category by far, will be the only acrylic offered. We’re discontinuing the Rain and Tonic Acrylic covers.

Sample Swatch Kits

Another exciting addition we’ll be bringing to the table is the Sample Swatch Kit for the Premium Leathers, Printed Metal and Crystal Clear covers. Details include:

For Premium Leathers: 5×5 sample swatches are available of the five leather types. Order one for $10 or a set for $45. They’ll be available soon through Billable Supplies. Because they are a billable supply item, you will be responsible for shipping fees.

For Metals and Crystal Clear Acrylic: Upload your own image for a custom 10×10 sample of the Printed Metal and Crystal Clear Acrylic covers. Price is $100 per cover. Order soon in ROES.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’ve already sold my client a cover that is going to be discontinued. Can I still order this cover?

A: Yes, we will do our best to fill your order, as we will have limited supply to honor any presold albums. Because supply is limited, we can’t guarantee the cover will be available. We will do everything possible to make this transition as smooth as possible for you and your client.

Q: I’ve already ordered my studio sample with one of the leathers/covers you are discontinuing. Can I send my album in to be recovered with one of the new options?

A: Yes, if you oredered your sample within the last six months simply return your album to the lab accompanied by your design on CD and a note indicating which covers you would like and we will take care of the replacement for you. Additional charges may need to be added for cover upgrades.

Look for the new Premium Cover options to come in the next couple of weeks. Until then, if you have any questions about the album changes that are coming your way, please contact Customer Service at

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