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We have some exciting news regarding the Miller’s Signature Book.

After we received some valuable feedback from you, we’ve decided to add new features and improvements to better serve your needs. Starting today, the Miller’s Signature Book will begin and end with white end leaves just like the Miller’s Signature Album. In addition, we have increased the paper thickness and added Bonded Leather cover options in Black, Espresso, Gray and White. Cover guides have also been updated, so please replace your previously saved guide files with the new ones found here. To account for these changes, we have made a slight price adjustment to Miller’s Signature Books.

Your feedback plays a crucial role in how we operate and we are grateful for your willingness to provide constructive criticism. Thank you for helping us make the best book possible.


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12 thoughts on “Miller’s Signature Book Improvements

Will everything else remain the same…translucent end page covers and layout options in designer plus? Would love to see layout options expanded as well.

Miller's Support says:

Hi Joanne, the Miller’s Signature Book does not have the translucent end page covers (I believe you’re referring to the Hardcover Book). This book will begin and end with white end leaves (like Miller’s Signature Album). We will definitely continue to add new layout options, we appreciate the feedback!

Will the boutique packaging be the same? It says “error” every time I try to view the options for that. Also, will the black endeleaves still be an option?

Miller's Support says:

Hi Karen, thank you for pointing out the broken link. Boutique Packaging will be the same, I’ll get that fixed!

Alex says:

a few improvements on designer plus software would be awesome… I love the signature books and the turn around time is amazing. Here is what I would like to see on the next update of your designer plus software :

1) Often times, when our brides order main albums, they also order companion albums. (There should be a small discount like there used to be)

2) There is no way of ordering the same layout with different products. Once I have the design and album pages uploaded to the software, I would like to be able to order multiple albums or books in different sizes / leather covers. I hate to go back and re-upload a 50 page album again just because it has a minor difference like leather cover or page style …

3) I just ordered 4 albums last night and there was no way of drop shipping them to different people once they were added to my shopping cart ! I would like to be able to drop ship them to different people even though they are in the same order…. I hate to wait for one album to upload and then wait for the next order to upload again … I add all of them in the shopping cart and upload them at the same time … However, it doesn’t have the option to drop ship them to different people … This is a minor problem that can be fixed in the future hopefully ..

I love your products and all the improvements !!!!

Miller's Support says:

Hi Alex, we sincerely appreciate the feedback. I’m going to follow-up with you via email now!

Thank you for the information. I am just seeing this blog now. Quick question, so prior to the date the changes went into effect did the Signature Book open up directly to a double page spread? Meaning the layout was adhered to the backside of the cover of the book. I ordered a book for a Mother of a Bride in December and I thought that’s how it arrived, I was disappointed by that and was hesitant to order another signature book but unfortunately was stuck in the middle of wrapping up a wedding and needed to deliver products. No time to research and look for a better product.

Bringing me to this month I ordered a book for the Groom’s mom (same wedding) and the book looked/felt better and did not open up directly to a double page spread but had the page in front. I seriously thought I was losing my mind and was remembering the first book I ordered in December incorrectly.

If my memory serves me right, I now have delievered two books, the second being better made & better quality than the first going to the same family. Is it possible to reorder the book for the mother of the bride with this revised design and return the first book back to Miller’s? Thank you!

Miller's Support says:

Hi Elizabeth, you are correct. Originally the book opened with directly to a spread and it now opens to an end leaf. You can re-order the book for the mother of the bride, you’ll just need to re-upload and check out the new guides!

Andrea says:

Here are a few things I would love to see!

1) Image Cutouts – Please tell me we can have this option soon, like the signature album!
2) E-Surface and Fuji Deep Matte options (in addition to the press paper)
3) Custom Die embossing/debossing for our studio logos

Thank you!

Miller's Support says:

Thanks for the feedback Andrea! One question, when you say “Image Cutouts” what are you referring to?

Although the new updates are exciting, I’d really like to see some better background choices.
I consistently have clients requesting different colors (peach, coral, better blues ect) and I feel so silly saying sorry they only have these few color choices.
Please Please Please update your background choices before I have to move on to a company with Better variety. I don’t want to have to do that because I love your albums and books.

Miller's Support says:

Thank you for your feedback Sarah, I’ll pass along your recommendations to our team!

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