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We will be transitioning to UPS shipping from FedEx on January 20th, 2016. This change does not affect our commitment to free overnight shipping or our unrivaled turnaround times – orders will still ship UPS overnight for free. As you may recall from our Print pricing change last summer, our shipping costs have tripled in the last 15 years and we’ve spent many hours researching possible solutions to this challenge. This transistion allows us to continue providing free overnight shipping without raising prices in other areas of our service. One primary goal with this change is to offer you the ability to personalize your account preferences and provide more frequent shipping updates than we have ever offered before. With UPS My Choice, you can setup email/ text delivery alerts, tracking, rerouting and more.

As your business partner, it is essential that we openly address this change with you before it goes into effect. We are continuously exploring different avenues to improve our service to you and this change is the result of months of research and analysis. Miller’s is committed to helping your photography business flourish and we are confident that this change will make your life easier. If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact customer service by phone at 1-800-835-0603 or by email at

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115 thoughts on “News: UPS Shipping Transition

Marina says:

I must echo everyone’s disappointment with the change to UPS. I just had my first order processed after the change to UPS, and guess what? The tracking number indicates delivered but there is no package to be phone. I have just spend the last 2.5 hours on the phone with UPS escalating to 3 different people and they are of no assistance and let me know that they will not be able to look into the issue further until Monday since today is Friday. Millers does such a fantastic job with their turnaround time and I NEVER had any issues with FEDEX – they actually delivered earlier than expected on most occasions. Now, my first experience since the UPS transition and my custom photo album is lost?? Millers, I have emailed you and left a voice message regarding this issue, but it is after your hours as it is late Friday. I really am in need of this order by Tuesday for a client, please let me know how this will be resolved so I can deliver on time. I definitely prefer FEDEX.

Miller's Support says:

Hello Marina, I’m sorry to hear of the inconvenience with your most recent order. I’ve followed up with you via email.

Tiffany Luckey says:

I knew you were switching to UPS, I didn’t realize that it would affect the USPS Priority shipping for APO/FPO address. Where i used to get my orders in 10-14 days, now I won’t get my orders for 6 weeks. I wish I would have known this, as I would have ordered my clients photos through another company. I am in a situation that i shouldn’t have been put in through your company. I am EXTREMELY unhappy about this as you will cost me a lot of money.

Miller's Support says:

Hi Tiffany, we appreciate your feedback. I’m going to have a member of our team get in touch with you.

Just adding to the discontent. Still not happy about the switch. FedEx was predictable … usually here around 11am. I’m in a business park location, yet UPS often comes by 9 or 9:30am, before most of the businesses here are open. Or sometimes they come late on the afternoon. Hard to predict, and I often miss there deliveries. I think most of your customers would have been willing to pay a small addl. fee of say $3, just to keep FedEx. Too bad you didn’t ask.

ashleigh rouse says:

I have been very happy with the switch to UPS. Every order has arrived at 10 am on the dot. no problems.

Miller's Support says:

Thanks for your feedback, Ashleigh!

Chuck Eadsk Eads says:

My situation is the same as many others. I’m very disappointed with the switch and would have happily paid a small shipping surcharge to insure Fed Ex delivery. Since I work out of my home, UPS wont see me until 6-7pm. I’m altering my ship to address to a different address but that does not give me the service that Fed Ex gave me. Please find a way to bring it back.

Miller's Support says:

We appreciate your feedback Chuck, I will pass this along to our team.

MariahMariah says:

I LOOOOOOOVE UPS! They are very predictable in my area and I’m so happy for the switch!

Lourdes says:

So far so good with UPS HOWEVER not happy to see that as a result, prices are also going up for drop shipments in July.

mary says:

Wow, the drop ship prices have almost doubled. The minimum order has gone from $10.00 to $15.00 and you have switched from FedEx, which was so reliable and so careful with my packages, to UPS. I worry about every package that UPS delivers. They never bother to put packages between the storm door and the front door like FedEx always did. I am so disappointed. These little things are not so little and they really add up especially to someone who relies on drop ship. Do the majority of your customers have things delivered to their studios?

Miller's Support says:

Hi Mary, we are still finalizing details regarding our drop ship pricing. We will send an email out with additional information once our decision has been finalized. The vast majority of our orders are shipped to studios instead of drop shipped. I understand your frustration and we are constantly seeking ways to continue offering the best service possible at the lowest cost. Thank you for your feedback.

Roberta says:

I just started ordering with your company but didn’t realize you used UPS. Their service is horrible and unreliable, and I am soooooo frustrated after spending hours on the phone trying to pay customs fees, not receiving delivery notices, then being assured I would have the package delivered, and still nothing days later. Your quick shipping service means nothing if your delivery company takes 3-5 additional days trying not to deliver my packages. My company is in Canada…maybe it’s a local issue but either way can we please have another shipping option? I can’t order from you if I have to deal with UPS….it’s really not good for my blood pressure!

Doug Burke says:

UPS is far superior to FedEx so this is a great choice

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