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It is our privilege to have some of the most talented photographers in the industry on our speaker team for WPPI. JP Elario, New York based wedding photographer, is one such speaker joining us to share his experience on how to stay relevant and in-demand within your market.

Session Information

Tuesday, February 21 at 10:30 am – In Demand

JP shares core principles that have helped his studio become the most in-demand in his market and how he continuously attracts new clients without ad dollars. Learn how he gets the most out of Miller’s Lab from start to finish with all of his clients.

Want to know more about JP before you meet in Vegas? Read on for a little interview on what makes him tick and other fun facts.

Tell me a little bit about yourself.

I am a fun, enthusiastic and crazy wedding photographer. I’ve been shooting weddings since I was 11 years old. How you might wonder? Well, my father started the business a long, long time ago. I can’t even count the number of weddings I’ve been to!

What’s your favorite Miller’s product?

Gosh my favorite Millers product? That’s always changing with me. Right now I’m crazy about the Luxe Frames, 4×8″ Accordion Books and Print Wraps. Anything “Luxe” from Millers I love. The new Premium Cotton and Premium Bamboo press papers are awesome too! I always love Gallery Wraps and Metallic Prints, though – can’t go wrong with them!

What do you love most about being a photographer?

What I love most about being a photographer are the opportunities photography has given me. In my career, I’ve met and photographed Former President Clinton, which was so cool. I’ve had the opportunity to photograph the Dave Matthews Band as well. The reason I mention them is because I’m actually a full-time wedding photographer, but it’s not just brides and grooms. There is always something new and interesting. I guess I love how unpredictable my job can be!

What is your favorite memory so far from WPPI?

Easily my favorite memory of WPPI was speaking at my first platform class last year. To my surprise I had a full room. I didn’t think I’d even draw 100 people. It was unreal and I was flattered beyond belief.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen or done in Vegas?

Hmm… I never really get too crazy out there in the desert. Although on my way to my own engagement session in 2009 my photographer, Jessica Claire, asked Kris Ann and me if we’d get married, right then, in a little Vegas chapel. The thought crossed my mind, but I was like “Nah, I’ll wait until March 6th, 2010.”

Get a peek into JP’s world here. To learn more about the man behind the camera and to see his work, visit his blog. See you soon!

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