Big News for Miller’s Signature Album

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No lie, this announcement gets us really excited.

We are elated to unveil CameosEtched Leathers and the industry’s first printed Wood cover, available exclusively for Miller’s Signature Album. From seniors to weddings, you can create a timeless album that radiates exceptional quality and handcrafted precision.

Now through March 26thsave 40% on Miller’s Signature Album studio samples. This is a wonderful opportunity to gear up for your upcoming busy season and this offer only comes around once a year!

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Please Note: Back cover on sample albums will be stamped ‘Sample, Not for Resale’. When ordering in Designer PLUS, use voucher code: SAMPLEALBUM at checkout. In ROES, select ‘Studio Sample’ in shopping cart. Offer expires on March 26, 2015 at 11:59 p.m. (Central).

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36 thoughts on “Big News for Miller’s Signature Album

Gretchen says:

Soooo excited for your new features on the albums I already love!! Thanks for working so hard to make what I thought was the best even better! 🙂 Question! After looking at the pricing, are the Cameo covers any extra? I don’t see them in the price list. Thanks!!

Vinee McCracken says:

Hi Gretchen, thanks for the love! Cameo covers are included in the base cost, no additional charge.

Susan Dodd says:

Love the gorgeous signature albums! Any chance of an 11×14 size at some point?? 🙂

admin says:

Thanks, Susan! We’ll pass this suggestion along to our product development team.

Teri Olsen says:

Will you be running any gallery wrap specials soon?

Vinee McCracken says:

Hi Teri, we don’t have any plans currently for a Gallery Wrap sale. Thank you for reaching out to us!

Carisa says:

Any chance for more flexibility in the page counts? I hate designing albums in sets of 10 pages 🙁

Vinee McCracken says:

Hi Carisa, that’s a great question. Unfortunately the way we construct the album limits our options for varied page count, but I’ll be sure to pass along your request to our product development team!

Carisa says:

Thank you! I love these albums… But that is definitely a deal breaker for me. So many other companies offer that flexibility… I bet you guys can make it happen 🙂

Tamara says:

Hi I can’t find the way to design the cameo covers in the D+ program. Can you point out where can I find help? Thanks!

We love the exceptionally colored prints, quality, craftsmanship and mind numbing turnaround times MIllers Professional Labs offers us, which is why we’ve been using them for years. We can upload work on a Friday and by Wednesday of the following week, it’s being delivered to our customers.

We sincerely appreciate all your hard work, your staff and the wide selection of products available. Adding cameos widows to your Signature Series Albums is fantastic. Can’t wait to order a sample.

Andrea says:

Hi there! I’m so excited about all the new album options! I have one problem though, I need to be able to add personalization (debossing / foil stamping / blind debossing etc) along with an image cameo. This is usually done centered beneath the image cameo on the cover. The other company I use offers this but I would rather keep with Miller’s (I use you guys for the image cover wraps). I just want one place for all my album needs and THIS would be it! I went into ROES to start my sample order and noticed the debossing option was there for the linen covers, but not in the cameo section.

Kim says:

What are the album covers in the featured photo? I see the cameo behind but the front one I’m really curious about! Thanks.

admin says:

We apologize for the difficulties, Tamara. First, check to see if you have the latest updates installed for D+. You should find the “check for updates” link in the lower left corner of the software. Once the updates are installed, select Miller’s Signature Albums and your orientation. There you will find a cameo cover option for each size in which cameos are available.

admin says:

Thank you for reaching out about this, Andrea. Unfortunately we do not offer debossing or foil stamping on cameo covers at this time, but we will definitely pass this suggestion along for our product development team to look into.

admin says:

Hi Kim. The album in front features a Wood cover paired with Polar Standard Leather and the Shadow Etched Leather pattern. The Cameo cover album uses Tusk Linen, and the album cover on the bottom right is Sahara Distressed Leather with the Woodland Etched Leather pattern.

Shannon says:

I’m with Carisa! I would love flexibility with page counts. There are many times I order thru another company based on that reason alone. Would love to be able to order 100% thru Millers!

Britney says:


I am so excited to order samples of the new products! I was just wondering if the 40% off applied to the cover sample swatches as well?

Thanks! 🙂

Ermagosh! I canot WAIT to get a sample album with the new cameo feature! Thanks SO much! You guys are the bestest!

Erin says:

I recommend an 11×14 also! Please

Izzy Hudgins says:

I love the photo/leather combo cover. My question is, can you have a leather spine with a “normal” photo cover or does have it to be wood/acrylic/canvas?

Vinee McCracken says:

Thanks for the feedback, Erin!

Vinee McCracken says:

Hi Izzy, it has the be with a Wood, Acrylic or Metal cover. We ran into some issues when we attempted the photo cover with leather, but I’ll be sure to pass along your feedback!

Ingrid Wilson says:

OK. I am tremendously excited. I made all the tough decisions with the millions of options and I have my very first Miller’s Signature sample album all ready to go. I am a little *lot* nervous. Is there anyway to request (goof) proofing before it is printed? I am too scared to hit “Order”.

Vinee McCracken says:

Hi Ingrid,
Our apologies for the delayed response! If you’re feeling a little nervous, feel free to give us a call and we will look over the album to make sure that everything is looking awesome. Thanks for reaching out to us, we are so excited for you to see your first album. – Vinee

dianne M says:

is the album covers a separate charge from the albums and is the 40% off of the total or off of the album, or cover? I hope I’m making sense

Vinee McCracken says:

Hi Dianne, Leathers, Linens and Custom Image covers are included in the cost of your album. The only covers that are additions are Acrylic, Metal and Wood (as well as Etched Leather). The 40% off discount applies to the total including any additional charges.

Sara Pacheco says:

I’m loving these new options and I’m this close to switching to Miller’s signature albums. The only thing that’s missing for me is the ability to add custom debossing, or at the very least having more than two very similar options available for fonts. Is there any plan to expand this in the future? I know I’m not the only one!

Vinee McCracken says:

Hi Sara, we have definitely heard a number of requests for more font options and it’s something we are looking into. We appreciate the feedback!

Beth says:

Hey – I had a client come over today to look at the etched leather samples to see if it was something she was interested in. I showed her a screenshot of one of your images featuring the etched leather leaf album next to a few others. On top of the sand linen(?) album was another one that had a creamier neutral etched leather look. Of course THAT one is what she wants. The only problem is that nowhere in my sample pack that I just bought is that option available. Can you direct me to where I can find that particular look that you are featuring?


admin says:

Hi Beth. Were you looking at the 5th image of this product slideshow, by chance: If so, the album on top features Polar Standard Leather and the Shadow Etched Leather pattern.

Charleton says:

Yes, please, please offer a 9×14 or an 11×14 or a 10×13, anything vertical that’s bigger than an 8×12 please! I have to sell larger verticals from other labs in order to produce a bigger verticals for my couples!

Thank you!

Stephanie says:

I’m with the others who suggest:

-making embossing available with cameo covers
-more font options for embossing
-extended vertical album sizing…especially 9×12 (or 10×12) & 11×14

Another thing that would help seal the deal (for me) is the option to add on either a slipcase or box that is identical to the cover of the album!

Stephanie says:

Also! What happened to the silk cover options? Embossing with cameo on silk would be amazing!

Vinee McCracken says:

We appreciate your feedback Stephanie, it will definitely guide some of our decision making moving forward. Unfortunately we had to discontinue the silk option due to inventory issues. Thanks again for reaching out to us!

Susan Dodd says:

Just received my new sample last week! It is stunning! My very first client to see it, ordered one! So happy. I did the acrylic cover with the red leather on my sample and it is gorgeous.
My question is…..the sample swatches seem so expensive. I really would like to have them to be able to show my clients, but they are so pricey – especially compared to other labs who supply the entire set of swatches for $20-30 shipping included.
Is there something special about Millers swatches that makes them more expensive? They are almost a must have tool in order to sell the acrylic album covers, so why can’t they be cheaper?

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