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Update: May 4, 2020

As of May 4, 2020, we are now open for business and accepting orders for all products. We cannot thank you enough for sticking with us these past few weeks and we’re excited to get back to printing your photos.


Original Post: March 29, 2020

To our passionate community of professional photographers,

We are thinking of you during these difficult times and hope this message finds you well.

Due to stay-at-home orders for Columbia, MO and more recently the state of Kansas, both of our locations will be closed until at least April 19th. We are able to accept orders during this closure, but production and shipping will be delayed. Customer service will be available through email only at

As business owners, we know that these uncertain times are stressful, confusing and disheartening. We’re in this with you and we hope we can serve as a resource about where to go from here. Our friends at PPA are sharing an early breakdown of the Coronavirus Assistance package and specifically how it impacts photographers.

We will continue to keep you informed as we navigate this evolving situation and vow to come back stronger than ever.

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14 thoughts on “Important Update on Our Labs

Don Jagger says:

Be safe and stay healthy…Wash those hands.Thanks for all you have done for me since 1976. Hopefully we will all get back to business soon..

Chris Stacey Pruitt says:


Sorry to hear about the necessary closures. Hope all are doing well and staying healthy.

Just curious if the art department can or will continue to work on orders during this time as it possibly can be done remotely.

Please let me know.

Jim Shaw says:

Does this mean that MPIX is shuttered as well?

Miller's Support says:

This is correct.

shawna curtis salvo says:

So are you processing photos or not? Sorry I am confused. If I placed a card order today when do you think i could get it?

Julie Schopp says:

Hi ~ Hope everyone is healthy and safe!
I may be repeating a question already answered, so I apologize if so, that being said, Millers Lab has been my only lab ever, and I’d like to have you print my things. I see you are closed until April 19th for sure, but are receiving orders that will be delayed. Will any printing be done before then? I have grad announcements needed and wanted to check with you first. Thanks so much!

Lee Letzer says:

Millers Family,
Thought & prayers are with you all from Central Texas. Be safe & see you as soon as this is over.
The Letzer Family

Does delayed mean, not until your locations open back up?

Better safe than sorry! See y’all on the other side!

Olivia says:

Does this mean nothing will be shipped until after April 19?

It is to be expected. The best way to conquer the Corona is to shut down as many opportunities for it to spread as best we can.
Be safe and Smart all who read this comment

Just to clarify. Miller’s CAN accept orders but orders will not be filled until AFTER April 19th and will be delayed?

Kate Brown says:

Is Millers back up and running as of April 21st?

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