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Update (February 5, 2015): Miller’s Sports & Events and Schools divisions will convert to Kodak photographic papers beginning on Tuesday, February 10, 2015.

Beginning Saturday, January 24th, our Fuji E-Surface and Pearl photographic papers will convert to Kodak. The name for E-Surface will remain the same and Fuji Pearl will revert back to Kodak’s Metallic photographic paper.

Why the switch? We have chosen to renew our historic relationship with Kodak for a number of reasons. Most importantly, we have a remarkable record of producing premium quality prints that spans over 40 years. Our staff has worked diligently to ensure this change will have little to no effect on your prints.

Q: How will this change affect my images?

A: Our production team has worked diligently on this conversion. The good news is that this change will have a minimal effect on your prints.

Q: Has the “pink line” issue with Kodak paper been resolved?

A: Kodak has improved their post-process finishing over a year ago, eliminating the “pink line” issue that resulted from creasing. We have done numerous in-lab tests with excellent results.

Q: Do I need to make any changes to calibrate my monitor for the new paper?

A: No, the monitor profiles you currently use will work with the new paper.

Q: Will the Sports & Events and Schools divisions also convert to Kodak?

A: The Kodak conversion will also apply to Sports & Events and Schools in the near future. We will post an official date to the blog as soon as we have it finalized.

If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact customer service by phone at 1-800-835-0603 or by email at custserv@millerslab.com.

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59 thoughts on “Kodak Conversion

Camen says:

Please tell me you have a solution for the notorious pink line caused by Kodak paper with creased prints? I always order your signature album with photographic prints so this really concerns me. Will there be a cut print option for albums now?

Bill Broere says:

We have really loved the soft, rich skin tones that the Fuji papers have given us. When you first converted from Kodak the results were very obvious and appreciated especially with our clients. This is a concern going back to Kodak!

Another concern is with the current corporate climate of Kodak financially and the long term this will have on their product stability.

“If it’s not broken; or if it’s working, why try to fix it?

We have enjoyed a 15 plus relationship with Millers and MPix, the service and quality have been stellar! I’m concerned with this move back to Kodak; for the reasons stated above.


Bill Broere
Bill Broere Photography

Leila Wylie says:

I’m also concerned about the pink line/creasing issue with Kodak papers. The Signature Album is my best seller. It’s taken me four years to find an album that I really love, so I’m very nervous about this!!

A different concern, but I much preferred the old Fine Linen texture. I find the newer texture to be distracting and not nearly as nice, and it does not match the Linen texture for larger prints. I know it’s been awhile, but was there a reason for the change?

I’m OK with the change back to Kodak, and I believe I liked the colors better with it, and maybe it was a little more forgiving with a wider color gamut … assuming it hasn’t changed.

Michelle says:

I am happy to hear this myself! I have stopped ordering and offering the metallic/pearl paper. Metallic was my favorite but the pearl was “off.”. The colors weren’t right. I only order prints so I didn’t experience the pink line. That would be a bummer.

Adeana says:

Yay! This makes me so happy. I love Kodak’s metallic paper! I was so bummed when you guys switched to Fuji.

Joseph says:

I was sad to see Kodak go away and certainly voiced my opinion when it was announced back in 2013. I’m SOO happy for the switch back to Kodak! Thanks Millers!!

John Schlia says:

As a photographer in Rochester, this makes me VERY happy to be supporting my neighbors and friends. Thank you.

cindyc says:

Hi Dave, we appreciate the feedback. We were forced to modify our Finelinen texture because the rollers that we used to apply the texture were discontinued. We’ve done our best to recreate the texture, but it is slightly different. Our Linen texture is also available for prints. I hope this addresses your concern, please let us know if it’s not what you’re looking for. – Vinee

Marshall PHoto Arts says:

Thanks for supporting American jobs and the
“Great Yellow Father”

Marshall Z

Ellie says:

Very concerned about the PINK LINE in panoramic albums. I had major business issues with this and was changing companies and then you went with Fuji. Now, a day before I was about to release all my 2015 info and have a major show… You bring back the paper notorious for bothing albums and causing client complaints on our business names. I will be switching companies.

cindyc says:

Hello Ellie, we appreciate your concern regarding the previous Kodak “pink line” issue from years past. Rest assured, Kodak has solved the issue and we have done extensive testing within the lab to make sure that this will not be a problem moving forward.

cindyc says:

Hi Camen, we appreciate your concern regarding the previous Kodak “pink line” issue from years past. Kodak has solved the issue and we have done extensive testing on black and white papers within the lab to make sure that this will not be a problem moving forward.

Kelly says:

I’m very excited about the switch to metallic! I sell all of my sports prints in metallic and had been disappointed with the coloring of the pearl. I hope the switch is made in the sports and events very soon as I have several big orders to place and would like to make the orders with Millers instead of another company I’ve had to use with higher prices.

Jenny says:

I totally understand the switch to work with a company you’ve had a good relationship with in the past. Is there any chance you’ll show us the visual differences in a blog post or via complimentary samples? I really love Fuji Pearl because it’s a soft metallic with smooth tones. I’d love to see a side-by-side comparison.

Vinee McCracken says:

Hi Jenny, we would be more than happy to help out with complimentary samples. Shoot us a message at custserv@millerslab.com and we will help out!

Suzi says:

How disappointing to here. Fuji paper is SO MUCH BETTER in quality and finish than Kodak. This will definitely stop me from ordering prints from Millers. So sad to hear of this change as I had just made the decision to switch all my printing to Miller’s based on the great quality I got printing on the Fuji Pearl.

Suzi says:


Vinee McCracken says:

Hello Suzi, I’m so sorry to hear your disappointment with our switch to Kodak. We value your business greatly and our customer service would be more than happy to help you out with any concerns you may have about our papers.

This is very disappointing. I switched to your company for printing my albums for the Fuji paper! I was so happy to start using you at the end of last year and do not care for Kodak. I love the rich Fuji colors.

Vinee McCracken says:

Hi Elizabeth, we sincerely appreciate your feedback. I understand your concern, but I want to let you know that quality is still our top priority. We have performed numerous tests within the lab before we made our decision and our customer service would be more than happy to help you out with any concerns you may have about our papers.

Sharon says:

Oh no, I am so sorry to hear this! Miller’s is my favorite lab, but I am wholeheartedly a Fuji paper devotee — there is no comparison in the detail and color quality. I am truly sorry, but I will be forced to switch labs. I can’t offer a product of lesser quality to my clients.

Vinee McCracken says:

Hi Sharon, we appreciate your feedback. I understand your concern, but I want to let you know that quality is still our top priority. We have performed numerous tests within the lab before we made our decision and our customer service would be more than happy to help you out with any concerns or questions you may have about our papers.

Brian says:

I don’t know why anyone would switch labs over this. Kodak Metallic paper is so much better than Fuji Pearl. If you are thinking about switching labs order a 5×7 now on fuji paper and Pearl paper then when they switch order the same image on Kodak paper and Metallic. I think you will like the results especially the Pearl vs Metallic.

Patrick says:

Very excited to see Kodak back at Miller’s! For a few reasons, I had to switch some things to another lab in order to keep with Kodak’s papers, but I am glad to send that processing back to Millers!

Sarah Eisenhardt says:

Thank you for the notice, it would have been an easier transition with a bit more notice and ample time to announce to our customers as we also value their business. Either way, I’m certain we will all get over it and move on.

My question is this. After the switch on the 24th will there be any Fuji available? I ask because some clients may choose to order additional prints maybe when they come in to pick up they decide to add on or they thought they had enough to pass out and didn’t quiteake it. Another reason is that many of us offer a product description in our contracts and printed on Fuji paper at one of the nations leading professional labs is most likely stated in many contracted future jobs (it will be a major PR issue to have clients sign an amended contract AND educate them on why) maybe not Abigail deal but certainly cause to meet up quickly and offer our client a cup of coffee for taking time out of their day. Back to the client who adds on to their order, I would certainly be expected to have the prints match what they had already ordered. I hope maybe there can be a 45-90 day supply for this particular concern.

Also if samples are available I would love to see them, it would make for a smoother client transition and quality controll while we have that cup of coffee for amending a contract.

Last question, will the paper be close enough in quality to keep studio samples to a minimum?

Thank you for your time,
586-873-7562 the number is here incase you just really feel like calling to hear all of my opinions 🙂 but really incase my rambling is confusing I do much better in person. Wishing millers and all their customers much success with the change.

Sarah E says:

^^and that folks is why we don’t use our phone on a blog then forget to check the autocorrect typos. Sorry for typos.

Shelly says:

This is the greatest news ever! So happy that I won’t have to print at two different labs anymore just to get my Kodak paper. Thank you Millers!!

David says:

Does this affect Mpix too or just Millers?

I typically don’t jump into the fray, but felt compelled to because of some of the negative comments I’m reading. Our company has been clients of Millers for many (20?) years and have complete faith in the knowledge that 1) They would not make such a huge change without completely testing Kodak’s new papers and 2) They would, as they have always done, guarantee their product with 100% customer satisfaction. Millers has always had our back, going above and beyond to satisfy us- which gives us an edge when it comes to satisfying our clients. We welcome the change and can’t wait to tell our clients that Kodak is back.

Vinee McCracken says:

Thank you Shelly!

Vinee McCracken says:

Great question David, this will also apply to Mpix once we run through our existing inventory.

Vinee McCracken says:

Thank you so much for the heartfelt response Steve, quality and customer satisfaction is always our top priority. We would never make a change if we didn’t believe it was for the good of our customers.

Gail says:

I’m thrilled to find out Kodak paper is coming back – I’m proud to have the Kodak name on my informational and marketing materials!

David says:

As a followup let say (and also ask something) as an amateur photographer I needed to use Mpix instead of Millers. I needed to find an excellent online lab for prints. I recently conducted tests of 4 different high end labs including Mpix. I used a variety of images in different interior and exterior settings and lighting conditions. The prints from two labs which used Kodak Endura were nearly identical and not satisfactory. The prints from Mpix using the Fuji E-surface paper were excellent! It was just what I was looking for. So I am disappointed to hear after I just conducted this test and chose Mpix that you are switching to Kodak. I’m going to have to find another lab. However depending I might do another test after the Kodak switch just to see.

My question is, for the “E-surface” paper, which Endura model is it exactly? I have read about various results using different Endura types. For example Supra which apparently is no longer made had different results than another type of Endura. Thanks.

Vinee McCracken says:

Dave, we are confident that our quality remain consistent with the prints that you’ve previously ordered from us. If you have more questions regarding Kodak Endura Premier paper and the conversion, please drop us a note at custserv@millerslab.com. – Vinee

Danyel Rogers says:

Best news EVER! I’ve missed the metallic and tried so many other labs to find the same look with no luck.

Osborne says:

Sorry, but this is a bad decision and I’ll be taking my business to a lab that uses Fuji paper. I tried to use Miller’s several times a few years ago when you were using the Kodak material and the quality just wasn’t there. When you switched to Fuji I gave you another chance and there was a very noticeable improvement in quality- the color reproduction especially in skintones is so much better on the Fuji paper – I’ve been happy ever since.

I must also question the business logic of choosing to go with Kodak. They don’t produce any of their paper in the USA (Fuji’s paper is manufactured in Greenwood, SC), their paper isn’t as archival as the Fuji and Kodak left lots of people- employees, customers and vendors (including Miller’s) holding the bag for millions of dollars with their multiple bankruptcy filings.

Choosing an inferior product supplied by a dying company with a poor track record speaks volumes about Millers. Good Luck!

Jeremy says:

Thank You, Thank You!!!!! I’ve always prefered the superior quality of Kodak papers over Fuji as Kodak has a much richer color, depth & life. Kodak’s black is black unlike Fuji paper which is more of a blue black. Have not ordered anything since the change to Fuji. I look forward to ordering again!!

Jamie says:

I’m hoping we see some sales for sample albums like last January so I can get new ones made now.

Jamie says:

Is there any way to get a comparison print of the Fuji vs Kodak?

Vinee McCracken says:

Thanks so much for the feedback, Danyel!

Vinee McCracken says:

Hi Jamie, stay tuned on the sample album sale. Also, I’m going to have a member of our Customer Service team get in touch with you.

Vinee McCracken says:

Hello Osborne, I’m sorry to hear that you’re unhappy with our conversion to Kodak. Quality and customer satisfaction is always our top priority and we have performed numerous in-lab tests with the new and improved Kodak paper. The skin tones and color print beautifully and we are confident that our photographers will agree. If you have any additional questions about the conversion, please email our customer service and we would love to give you more information.

I just saw this blog post. I have a client who just ordered a print on Fuji Pearl this past Tuesday. I’ve been away at a convention since Wednesday morning. I must say that I am concerned about this switch to Kodak!

Elegant Light Photography says:

Well… I was very excited to have found you and was planning on going with you as my preferred lab starting now in February. However, now I am concerned. I was recommended to look for a lab that uses Fuji and when I received my sample prints/package, I was very pleased with the results. Now I feel that I have nothing to compare with. I understand your switch but I still feel that I need to start over. Can you please help? I need some thing to compare so that I can be 100% sure of what I am offering my clients.
Johnny Ortiz

Vivian says:

“The only thing that is constant is change.” I’m willing to try the Kodak papers before complaining about issues they had in the past.

susann gude says:

George Eastman is an American Icon. I am glad to see Millers going back an original American Company. It ‘s products have built my business over 35 years.

Lauralee says:

One of the primary reasons I started printing with Miller’s was due to the beautiful Fuji Pearl prints. They are truly breathtaking. I tried Kodak metallic and was not impressed, and have very recently tried them again, and was still disappointed with the color and overall quality.
I am so sad that I cannot get the Fuji papers here anymore. To me and to my clients, the difference is obvious, and I hate that I will have to find another lab for my metallic prints.
I love MIller’s! Your service and quality is astounding, and I really don’t want to try to find another lab for metallics. Argh!

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