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Introducing the Direct to Home Mailing Service, which is available on Sports & Events orders placed through RS+ Sports & Events. With Direct to Home Mailing, you can send orders straight to a client’s home, eliminating the need to either personally deliver or mail out late orders to customers when they call after the orders have been delivered. The service also eliminates the need for additional equipment and staffing at your studio, as well as the need to deal with a shipping service.

The service costs $5.25 per subject, unless a large item is ordered on a sequence, in which case the price of the Direct to Home Mailing Service for that particular sequence is $12.00. Products considered large items are listed below. The $5.25/$12.00 price includes the cost of shipping and free individual packaging with trinket service.

Large Items:

  • – Prints sized 5×15, 10×20, 10×30, and 16×20
  • – 8×10 Metal Display Prints
  • – Metal Water Bottles
  • – Modern Plaques
  • – Mugs
  • – Plaques (all sizes)
  • – Stand Ups
  • – Stand Up Dry Eraser Boards
  • – Statuettes (all sizes)
  • – Tumblers
  • – Wall Clings (all sizes)
  • – Water Bottles

To enable this option, check the “Mail prints directly to your customers” checkbox located in the Packaging Options section of RS+ Sports & Events. The software will then require an address for each of the subjects entered. You are responsible for making sure you enter the correct address.

  • – These orders are sent out via UPS Mail Innovations. Tracking is available here by using the recipient name or address.
  • – Your studio’s address is the return address on these orders; any invalid addresses will be delivered to your studio.
  • – This service has a delivery time that can take up to 14 days, therefore there is a waiting period of 14 days before a reprint can be done.
  • – Reprints will be done at 50% of the price of prints and the $5.25 or $12.00 shipping/packaging fee.
  • – You will be required to enter an address for all subjects on the order.


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12 thoughts on “New in Sports & Events: Direct to Home Mailing

FANTASTIC! I have been waiting for this! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dane WilsonDaDane Wilson says:

I have a small photography business in Canada where I will be shooting weddings. I have also purchased the Fundy Designer Suite to be able to offer my clients photo albums directly through the Fundy software. I was wondering if you offer discounts on albums for photographers?

Miller's Support says:

Hi Dane, we only provide albums to photographers. However, we do offer a sample discount for your studio that you can find in our software.

Shipping direct to customer, is the packaging as good as packaging of prints shipped to our studio or is the packaging in a standard priority USPS envelope?

Is there a minimum order amount for this service?
And is it available for schools too?

Miller's Support says:

Hi Alison, there is still a $15 minimum order fee and it available for Schools as well. Thanks for reaching out!

Miller's Support says:

The prints and small trinkets will be packaged inside of a windowed envelope just like we for individual packaging, then placed inside of a mailer. If it’s larger trinkets, the orders will be shipped in a box.

Francis Celii says:

So you can bundle 3 clients on a single order, to achieve the $15 minimum, and have the deliveries to 3 separate addresses (at $5.25 each)?
Does the shipping fee count toward the $15 minimum order?

Miller's Support says:

That is correct, you can have three different clients on a single order. The $5.25 goes towards the $15 minimum.

Bill says:

Do all orders have to be shipped to the customers? Or can I ship some directly and have the remainder sent to the studio?

Miller's Support says:

Hi Bill, you can do both!

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