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11 thoughts on “What’s the Difference?

Dear Miller’s Lab,

I have been a loyal customer of your lab for many years and love your attention to detail, your incredibly quick turn around time, and your great selection of products.

My most popular product is your Signature Album, especially for my senior portrait clients, which you are discontinuing as of March 31, 2017. My clients love the bonded leather covers, which are very easy to clean when displayed at a grad party and many people handle it and look at it when it is on display. They love the color choices of the covers. Most of all, when I show my clients a Signature Book vs. a Signature Album, 100% of my clients love and choose the quality of the true photographs, and do not care at all for the press-printed Signature Book. It was also nice to be able to add pages to the Signature Album.

I truly wish you would reconsider and keep the Signature Albums.

Thank you very much for you consideration!!

Mary Paquette
Photography by Paquette

Miller's Support says:

Hello Mary, the Miller’s Signature Album is not being discontinued. The only product that was discontinued is the LayFlat Album (a completely different product).

Stacey says:

I’m still seeing the LayFlat album as an option in ROES and on your website. Did you decide not to discontinue it?

Miller's Support says:

Hello Stacey, the LayFlat Album has been discontinued but we still offer the LayFlat Book option.

Anna says:

What’s the difference in longevity between your books (with press paper) and your albums (w/ photo paper)?

Miller's Support says:

Hi Anna, there is no specific difference in terms of longevity.

Gaby Chung says:

Thanks for the breakdown!

Jill Douglas says:

What’s the maximum number of pages for the soft cover books?

Miller's Support says:

Hi Jill, 25 is the maximum number of spreads for the soft cover book.

Jamie Lynn Campbell says:

Would you recommend a Signature Book for a sign-in guest album?

Miller's Support says:

Hi Jamie, absolutely. Both press paper options are great for signing!

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