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9 thoughts on “What’s the Difference?

Anna says:

What’s the difference in longevity between your books (with press paper) and your albums (w/ photo paper)?

Miller's Support says:

Hi Anna, there is no specific difference in terms of longevity.

Gaby Chung says:

Thanks for the breakdown!

Jill Douglas says:

What’s the maximum number of pages for the soft cover books?

Miller's Support says:

Hi Jill, 25 is the maximum number of spreads for the soft cover book.

Jamie Lynn Campbell says:

Would you recommend a Signature Book for a sign-in guest album?

Miller's Support says:

Hi Jamie, absolutely. Both press paper options are great for signing!

Sam says:


Are either the matte or pearl paper coated? Also, any plans on using a luster-like paper (maybe satin)? Pearl paper is a little too shimmery and the matte paper generally is more flat … trying to see if we can get a happy medium.

Miller's Support says:

Hello Sam, neither the Matte or Pearl options are coated but they hold up great in regards to fingerprints. We do not have any current plans to add a paper to our Signature Books – there is one available for the album if you wish to upgrade. We appreciate your feedback!

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