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With the holidays right around the corner, we reached out to a handful of our favorite photographers to find out their go-to client gifts. Spoiler – Calendars a major hit.


“Until last year, we always gifted our clients a percentage off based on their total investment. Now we take the more personal approach and give clients something they will remember. We like small Image Folios, Wall Calendars and other products depending on the spend of their client.” – Carla Lynn of Carla Lynn Photography

Press Magnets are super cute. In fact, I’m going to include these with all my clients holiday card orders.” – Tracy Sweeney of Elan Studio


Wall Calendars are a great gift for clients because it reminds them how sweet and talented you are for an entire year. It’s super functional and a great marketing tool for you.” – Dale Benfield of Benfield Photography

“From the way we shoot to the collections we present, we lead our clients to invest in Wall Art and Albums. We also understand that we are providing a service in a digital era so we gift our clients a varying amount of digital images. 5, 30 or 50 depending on the collection they choose. Our two larger collections come with these Wood USB Drives nested in a beautiful box. The images our clients receive as a gift are the same images in their Miller’s Signature Album so it makes a perfect combo.” – Amy Headington of Images of Grace Photography


“One of my go-to client gifts is a 5×7 Press Print Calendar. This little personalized treat keeps me at the top of my client’s mind throughout the year. For clients that spend my designatred “happy amount”, I give the Slide Print Box + USB with Boxed Prints. I especially love this one for high school seniors and newborns.” – Jamie Schultz of Jamie Schultz Designs

“When giving my clients a gift, it all depends on the image I am gifting them. For this particular couple, I chose a Vivid Metal for the vibrant color in this image. I want that wow factor so I can keep them coming back for more.” – J.P. Elario of Elario Photography


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2 thoughts on “Photographer Roundtable: Gift Ideas


I love the idea to create a personalized 5×7 press card calendar for my clients but can’t find where to create them. Could someone direct me where to look?

Miller's Support says:

Hi Amanda, I’ll shoot you an email but you can find it under flat cards!

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