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Enjoy 25% off Press Cards in ROES and Designer Plus through November 10th – no promo code needed.

Get in the holiday spirit with premium Press Cards. Shine bright with new Folded Foil Pressed Cards, unique Flat Luxe Cards and classic Flat Cards on thick and luscious card stock.

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PLEASE NOTE: This offer applies to Accordion Cards, Flat Cards, Flat Luxe Cards, Foil Pressed Cards, Folded Foil Pressed Cards, Folded Luxe Cards and Luxe Pop Cards through ROES and Designer Plus. The sale price will not be reflected in order summaries or email confirmations. The discount will only appear after the order is transmitted and received by the lab. Offer expires at 11:59 p.m. on November 10th.

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3 thoughts on “Sale: 25% off Press Cards

Will you be running this special again later in the year? I can’t believe I missed this 🙁 Do you send out an email about your specials or do I need to check out you website for info? Thanks so much.

Priscilla deBree

jAMES kECK says:

Will you be running another special on foil cards before the end of the year?

Miller's Support says:

Hi James, we do not have any immediate plans to run a promotion on Foil Cards at this time. Thank you for reaching out to us!

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