Exciting Things Coming in 2017

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Sometimes a secret is just too good to keep to yourself. Very soon, we will be announcing some exciting additions and changes to Miller’s Signature Albums and Books including:

  • New Linens and Leathers
  • Soft Covers coming for Miller’s Signature Books
  • Saying farewell to mandatory five spread increments for ordering

Stay tuned for more details.


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12 thoughts on “Exciting Things Coming in 2017

Will this be the time you eliminate the LayFlat books? I’m making new pricelists for 2017 and excited about your changes but I include both LayFlats and signatures.

Quinn says:

Yes!!! Saying farewell to mandatory five spread increments!!! I have loved every aspect of the Signature albums, except the five-spread increments 🙂

Yay exciting! We love the Signature Albums 🙂

Miller's Support says:

Hi Susan, we do not have any immediate plans for discontinuation at this time.

When will you offer wooden boxes for 8×12 and 10×15? We love signature albums but would love them even more if they could be packaged nicer than a cardboard box…

Miller's Support says:

We appreciate the feedback Nick, we will continue to expand our packaging options.

Susan Eisenstadt says:

One more thing – I’m putting together new price lists for 2017. Will there be any changes in the Signature Book pricing?

Miller's Support says:

Hi Susan, there will be some changes due to the new variable page count option we will be releasing.

Hi! Are you going to have any sample sales this year? I wanted to get a few more sample albums. Thanks!

Miller's Support says:

Keep an eye out for something coming next week!

Kelly says:

Will there be a Sale in the new Signature Books? or only the albums? When are the Soft cover options going to be available?

Miller's Support says:

Hi Kelly, the soft cover option is available for Books now. This particular sale is only for albums but we will have some deals on Books in the coming weeks.

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