New Arrivals: Acrylic Blocks + Metal Ornaments

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Freshen up your Sports & Events and Schools offering for the new year with two exciting new products. Acrylic Blocks feature a print between a polished piece of acrylic on the front and a thin piece of metal on the back, which makes for a stylish table or desk display. New Metal Ornaments are a great tradition to commemorate the holidays for years to come.

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10 thoughts on “New Arrivals: Acrylic Blocks + Metal Ornaments

Lourdes says:

Thanks for this notice. I was looking exactly for something like this to offer my clients for the holidays in my stationery business. Dye sublimation ornaments have become very popular, however I needed an option to be able to upload my own designs with my customers personal information, however if I understood correctly from what I looked on your website there is a $20 charge each time a custom design is uploaded? Please confirm if this is correct as it would not be cost feasible for my business if that were the case. I am not certain however if this is strictly limited to school and sports accounts, and would like to know as well if this is available for ordering through the Millers Designer software ordering system? Thanks in advance.

Linda Roa says:

Great idea. Like this for something new for our commencements but why a consumer size like 4×6? We shoot for 5×7’s and 8×10’s and 10×13’s. Kind of disappointed to see the size.

Lisa Preuss says:

Will you have a blank option available for the metal ornaments? So you can put a full picture or your own design?

Miller's Support says:

Thanks for your feedback Linda, I’ll pass it along to our team.

Miller's Support says:

Hi Lisa, we do have a blank option available!

Miller's Support says:

Hi Lourdes, we do offer a blank option at no additional charge in RS+. This is limited to Schools and Sports at this time.

LeahLKLeah says:

Question, Where in ROES do we place the order for the acrylic blocks? I can’t find it on there

Thank you

Lourdes says:

Thanks for your reply, Miller’s. When you say this is limited to Schools and Sports at this time – am I understanding correctly that only School/Sports accounts then can order this? If so, please pass my feedback to management because this is very disappointing. I had been searching the last month for a dye sublimation supplier to print on demand similar type of custom image ornaments (at the time I was searching for the porcelain type as that is what most other stationery stores are selling), however when I received your blog post via email, I was so excited with your metal ornament offering and thought I could continue with Miller’s as my one-stop printing shop for my customers – but if this is only limited for certain accounts (i.e. School/Sports) then it is of no use to me. My sales have dropped significantly due to not being able to keep up with my competitors that offer colored envelopes for stationery/flat invitations and ornaments. I had already written Millers last year with the request for considering offering color envelopes. Thanks again for your time.

Miller's Support says:

You’ll find Acrylic Blocks in SE Roes.

Miller's Support says:

You are correct. At this time Metal Ornaments are only available through Schools and Sports, but we will explore making them available in ROES and DesignerPlus for all accounts. We do offer White, Kraft and Pearl envelopes but I will pass along your feedback. Thanks Lourdes, our apologies for the inconvenience!

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