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We did it – Deep Matte Prints are officially here.

Featuring rich colors, beautiful tones and a dreamy fine art feel, Deep Matte Prints deliver a timeless and refined vibe to your most treasured photos. The surface of this photographic paper is completely lustreless, giving you the matte finish that you’ve always wanted. Deep Matte paper is now available for all print sizes up to 30×40.

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20 thoughts on “What’s New: Deep Matte Prints

Erin Delgado says:

If order this with my proofs I will be ordering this coming week, will I still get the chance to have a sample? This looks lovely and I really want to see it in person!

Miller's Support says:

Yes, you should receive a sample with your proof!

Shanna Aitken says:

How can we order a sample of this?? I’d love to see it in person to decide if I should add it to my product line.

Miller's Support says:

If you place any Print order for the next few weeks, you’ll receive a free Deep Matte sample!

lecia brown says:

I would love to see a sample of the new deep matt paper!

Miller's Support says:

Hi Lecia, if you place any print order in the next 5 weeks you will receive a free deep matte sample.

Shannon says:

Will it be possible to have some prints on the matte and others not in the same order? I would love to offer this option to clients but not have to place separate orders for those that want the standard print.

Krista Lynch says:

I’d like to order some of these but I don’t see them in Roes — is the “deep matte” called something different for ordering?

Rhonda says:

Is deep matte finish going to be available on cardstock soon also? Love it, and I can see alot of our grads liking this too.
Just curious. And did I read it right that it is the same price and the rest of the prints?

Miller's Support says:

Hi Shannon, we hope to be able to offer mixed print orders in the future but we still have a few routing issues to sort out at the moment. Thanks!

Miller's Support says:

Hi Krista, once you click the Order Products tab you can find Deep Matte_Prints located directly below True BW_Prints

Miller's Support says:

Hi Rhonda, Deep Matte is a photographic paper so it isn’t possible for our cards. However, we will continue to explore Matte options for our Press papers! Also, the pricing for Deep Matte is different than our other papers. You can view pricing here: http://www.millerslab.com/prints/pricing

These are a game changer for me. I have been looking for years for a paper that has a fine art feel yet the vibrance and crispness I expect for portrait clients. So , so beautiful. Thank you Millers!!!

Miller's Support says:

So exciting, you’re going to love it Bridgette!

Are you still offering samples with Proof orders?

Miller's Support says:

Yes, we sure are!

LOVE this paper! Question: Does it need to go behind glass, and if so what do you suggest? For no glass do you suggest a protective coating, and what kind?

Miller's Support says:

We tend to lean toward no-glass with the framing, but it really is a stylistic choice. I wouldn’t suggest a coating since it could impact the matte look of the photo.

Gretchen says:

I loved the samples I received recently and cannot wait to try my own images in the matte print! Question though: sometimes I edit my images to already have a matte look. Should I avoid doing that for these prints? Or would it be okay?

Miller's Support says:

Hi Gretchen, I would avoid adding any extra editing. This paper really give images that matte look and feel.

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