Sale: 25% off Print Boxes, USBs and Boxed Prints

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Now through June 23rd, save 25% on everything in the Print Boxes, USBs and Boxed Prints category.

It’s the little details that influence the overall experience for your customers. Whether it’s giving them the tactile sensation of holding their Prints in a timeless Wood Print Box or discovering a visually appealing way to pair digital files with physical Prints in a Slide Print Box + USB, the products you offer set your business apart from your peers.

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This offer is available in ROES and DesignerPlus (no codes required). Products eligible for discount include Custom USB Drives & Boxes, Slide Print Box, Wood Print Box, Slide Print Box + USB, Wood Print Box + USB and Custom Wood Photo Box. This offer expires on June 23rd at 11:59 p.m.

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9 thoughts on “Sale: 25% off Print Boxes, USBs and Boxed Prints


I am looking to order 15 8GB Acrylic USBs with the black box.

Please let me know what the final amount would be after the 25% discount.

Looking to ship to Unit 72, 5255 Guildwood Way, Mississauga, Ontario, L5R4A8

Awaiting your reply,


Miller's Support says:

Hi Duaine, the total should be $420.

ashley says:

I am not seeing a discount on the USB how do i get 25% off

Aimee Starr says:

Hello, I see there is a 10 print min when ordering, but how many prints and mounted prints can these new print boxes hold? Thanks!

Melanie Pack says:

I realize there is no code required for this discount, but the discount isn’t reflected in the shopping cart. I have placed the order and the first “confirmation of files received” email also doesn’t show the discount applied. Will the discount be applied to the e-receipt that typically follows or have I missed something? Thanks–Melanie

Miller's Support says:

Hi Ashley, the discount will be applied when the order has been processed by the lab. Thanks!

Miller's Support says:

Hi Aimee, you can find that under the pricing tab on the product you’re ordering. For example:

Miller's Support says:

Yes, the discount will be applied once your order has been processed by the lab. Our apologies for the confusion, thanks for reaching out to us!

Robbin says:

I don’t see where it says on the Pricing tab on the product “Slide Print Boxes” how many prints or mounted prints the box holds, AS Aimee mentioned above. Please advise.

Also, it doesn’t say anywhere in the info about the “slide” part of the Slide Print Box. Does that come with each box? What is is made of? Is printing an option? The description just states that it opens like a ring box but doesn’t include info about the outer slide portion. Can you get the box without that? I don’t understand the appeal

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