What’s New: Miller’s + Mpix Loyalty Program

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We are thrilled to announce the release of the new Miller’s + Mpix Loyalty Program.

For years, Miller’s photographers have sent their clients to print at Mpix for their outstanding quality and service. With the all-new Loyalty Program, you earn a 10% commission for every order that you refer to Mpix.

Here’s how it works:

You will login to the Miller’s website and access the Loyalty Dashboard that is located under Ordering Tools. Once you’ve created your session, you will find a link that can be shared with your client directing them to their Shared Album on Mpix. From there, your clients will be able to order products at standard Mpix prices and you will earn 10% commission on all future purchases that use those shared photos. Head over to the website to learn more about this exciting new opportunity for your business.

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17 thoughts on “What’s New: Miller’s + Mpix Loyalty Program

How exciting! This way I can make sure that my clients get the quality products the deserve! Can’t wait to start using this. How long are the images kept in the shared gallery?

Miller's Support says:

Hi Rebecca, the images will be removed from the Mpix Shared Album after 60 days if a purchase hasn’t been made.

Bentley says:

I don’t know if this is the best place to share this but I didn’t know exactly where else to direct it. When I first heard about the loyalty program I was excited because even though I rarely sell digital files to my clients, when I do I refer them to Mpix for printing. In fact I tell my digital clients that I will only guarantee their prints if they order them from Mpix. But I was hoping the program would be more like a referral system in which we could offer our clients a code to enter and maybe they could get a little discount and we would get a commission. No additional work would be required by me. Instead, if I understand it correctly, we have to upload their images to Mpix and send them the link. Then if they choose to order we get the commission. If I wanted to go through the trouble of uploading sessions, I would get a Zenfolio account where I could set my own prices then keep most of the profit. These are just my thoughts, I could be missing something entirely.

Miller's Support says:

We appreciate your feedback Bentley, we are always open to ideas and a code system is something we’ve tossed around in the past. Thanks!

I think if you use Zenfolio, you are better off that way since it’s Millers anyway. For me, I don’t use Zenfolio but someone else and you can’t order things like canvas and other items through the labs. It’s all self fulfilled. So for that reason, it’s attractive. I uploaded my first gallery last night, so we’ll see if it’s worth it!

April says:

Just wanted to second Bentley’s suggestion!

Anna Pauly says:

I tried to sign up for the loyalty program, but was unable to fill out the W9 as Illinois was not available as an option in the address section. Is this program not available to photographers in Illinois?

Miller's Support says:

Hi Anna, unfortunately Illinois is the only state the Loyalty program is not available in. Our apologies.

Nick says:

I’m trying to remember why Illinois is excluded from this? Any update on that? Surely there must be some kind of workaround. You can’t be the only company that pays commissions to people in Illinois…

Miller's Support says:

Hello Nick, unfortunately this is a restriction that is out of our control. We appreciate you reaching out to us!

Nick says:

Totally understand, but I’d love to know what law prevents this? I’d like to be able to reach out to our state congressman and complain. Seems crazy that only Illinois businesses can’t take advantage of your program…

I was going to sign up, but I would like to have the option to “no color correction”. I got the samples and I prefer much better mine than the color corrected ones. Color corrected samples took away the contrast and also made my baby photos get a pink tone on his skin – mine was way better and true to color. Because of that, I won’t offer this to my clients because they will be obligated to have color corrected images and that’s not good.

Miller's Support says:

Hello Ale, your customers have the option to select “do not color correct” when they place their order. It’s one of the first checkboxes you can find during the checkout process. Thanks for reaching out to us!

Katie says:

I third giving the clients a code to enter. I was excited at first too since I refer clients to mpix a lot. But this would mean extra work and I’m not sure I will do it now.

Nick says:

Is the Illinois ban still in effect? Ran across this article about an Illinois Supreme Court decision that allowed Amazon’s affiliate program to reopen in Illinois. Wondering if this would also apply here… https://www.illinoispolicy.org/amazon-associates-back-in-business-in-illinois-thanks-to-supreme-court-decision/

Miller's Support says:

Hello Nick, thank you for sharing this information. I will be sure to pass it along, but for now Illinois is still not eligible for the Miller’s + Mpix Loyalty Program.

Nick says:

Totally understand. Thanks for the follow up…

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