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Update (February 5, 2015): Miller’s Sports & Events and Schools divisions will convert to Kodak photographic papers beginning on Tuesday, February 10, 2015.

Beginning Saturday, January 24th, our Fuji E-Surface and Pearl photographic papers will convert to Kodak. The name for E-Surface will remain the same and Fuji Pearl will revert back to Kodak’s Metallic photographic paper.

Why the switch? We have chosen to renew our historic relationship with Kodak for a number of reasons. Most importantly, we have a remarkable record of producing premium quality prints that spans over 40 years. Our staff has worked diligently to ensure this change will have little to no effect on your prints.

Q: How will this change affect my images?

A: Our production team has worked diligently on this conversion. The good news is that this change will have a minimal effect on your prints.

Q: Has the “pink line” issue with Kodak paper been resolved?

A: Kodak has improved their post-process finishing over a year ago, eliminating the “pink line” issue that resulted from creasing. We have done numerous in-lab tests with excellent results.

Q: Do I need to make any changes to calibrate my monitor for the new paper?

A: No, the monitor profiles you currently use will work with the new paper.

Q: Will the Sports & Events and Schools divisions also convert to Kodak?

A: The Kodak conversion will also apply to Sports & Events and Schools in the near future. We will post an official date to the blog as soon as we have it finalized.

If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact customer service by phone at 1-800-835-0603 or by email at custserv@millerslab.com.

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59 thoughts on “Kodak Conversion

Cynthia says:

Super excited to have Kodak back!!! I do wish people would read your FAQ above where it specifically mentions the pink line issue…

Anyways thanks for the great stuff Millers – a 200% happy customer here!

Yes! I thought it was a mistake when you abandoned Kodak.. Way to go Miller’s, I’m extremely pleased!

Vinee McCracken says:

Hello Janice, thank you so much for your feedback regarding our switch. As always, we are dedicated to producing the highest quality prints available for our customers. We have performed numerous tests and made adjustments to make sure that our quality has remained consistent. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our customer service.

Vinee McCracken says:

Hello Johnny, we understand your worries and would love to set your nerves at ease. Please shoot an email over to our customer service department and we will help you out!

Vinee McCracken says:

Hello Lauralee, we appreciate your concerns regarding the Kodak conversion. We are truly confident in the quality of our new papers and we greatly value you as a customer. We would love to help you out further regarding this switch; please shoot an email over to our customer service department for additional information about Kodak papers.

Rachel says:

I am excited! I started having print issues as soon as the Millers/ Mpix switched to Fuji, despite having a calibrated monitor. Print orders were not consistent. Kodak paper served me much better, and I am one happy girl!

Joe says:

I am super excited to hear that Kodak is back! Always loved the look of Kodak paper, specially Metallic prints. THANK YOU, Millers!!!

Robin Victor Goetz says:

So, so glad to have the Kodak metallic paper back. Personally, I feel my commercial images look much better on the Kodak paper! THANKS!!

I just stumbled across this and I am very interested in learning more. I will reach out this week. We use you for a lot of our sporting league stuff and have been very satisfied.

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