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We wanted to take a moment to inform you that we are introducing some changes to our Drop Shipping service on July 13th. As we’ve mentioned in similar communications, our shipping costs have steadily increased over the last decade. In an effort to combat these rising costs, Standard Drop Ship orders will now ship UPS Ground (2-5 days) for $6 with Expedited Drop Ship orders shipping UPS Air Saver (overnight; 1 business day) for $10.

As your dedicated lab partner, we wanted to be open and forthcoming with this change. This increase will not impact your normal deliveries, as they will continue to ship at no cost to you. We thank you for your understanding regarding this matter and we will continue to explore new ways to keep the costs of your business low.

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10 thoughts on “News: Drop Shipping Changes

Lourdes says:

That’s very concerning – not just because of the additional cost which I am afraid we will need to pass on to our customers but mostly if the EXPEDITED $10 option could be the DEFAULT on the site that would be very beneficial because otherwise this means having one more field to worry about – in other words, if the drop ship field is inadvertently left at regular which you say would now be GROUND we would be in deep trouble with our customers as the overnight direct delivery is one of the main reasons our customers select working with us and you have been an integral part of our business growing. That is what set YOU (ML) apart from the printing company we were working with for some years – their regular Ground shipping was causing us and our customers lots of stress and was not going to continue to work. When we switched to ML (Millers) our business expanded and further and most importantly, you took the stress away from both our customers and ourselves.

If we now have to tick off an additional box and end up inadvertently forgetting, that will cause immense problems as we advertise our service only with overnight shipping. We can’t go with Ground shipping. Again, if you would please hear your other customer feedback for this drop shipment change – perhaps others feel the same way – that the Overnight Shipping Drop Shipments should be DEFAULT option to avoid such scenarios.

FINALLY – another concern that comes to mind, is with just ONE type of shipping which is what you have always offered (Overnight) no errors will occur but with 2 types of Drop Shipping – I am afraid to predict that errors may occur not on the order side but also on the Miller’s side. Some packages which need to go out Overnight may end up accidentally going out Ground. Scary and concerning. Starting not to feel the confidence we used to have.

With the utmost respect, you had originally stated earlier this year when you switched from Fedex to UPS that this was to maintain costs lower but in the same year now Drop ship charges are going slightly up and you are making standard drop shipping a Ground shipment. Not happy. Thank you for your time.

Dwight Ladd says:

I’m very disappointed to receive this news. It was bad enough when you switched from FedEx to Ups. UPS puts me a day behind because they deliver to residential address until 6 and 7pm which defeats the purpose of overnight shipping!! FedEx would arive by 11am CONSISTENTLY. I think it’s time to find another company smh. I love the products, but the overnight shipping and drop shipping were priceless incentives. How dare you take that from your loyal customers.

Miller's Support says:

Hello Lourdes, we greatly appreciate your feedback. Neither Standard or Expedited (overnight) are selected as a default, so you will have to choose your shipping option. We are very confident that this will not cause errors on our shipping side, but we will closely monitor our performance and accuracy. Your feedback is crucial to us and our customers play instrumental role in our decision making. Thank you for your thoughts.

Miller's Support says:

Hello Dwight, thank you for your feedback. Drop shipping has been $6 for many years and was never offered as a priceless incentive. With this addition, we are able to offer both an option that doesn’t affect the pocket book (Standard) and an option that keeps the overnight shipping (Expedited) that customers love. Your feedback is very important to us and we do not take it lightly. Thank you for your thoughts, Dwight.

Thank you so much for the wonderful service you provide. You consistently have high quality products and packages out in record time, and both my clients and I appreciate that! I always wondered how you were able to maintain the $6 charge for drop shipping, especially when I know from experience that it would cost much more than that for me to mail the items myself. A $4 increase is not much at all, especially since items are shipped directly to our house at no charge. Thank you for always informing us of changes and explaining why the changes are happening. My clients and I couldn’t be happier with the service you provide. You all are fantastic!


Miller's Support says:

Thank you so much, Jacque!

Dan E says:

I can honestly say the price increase doesn’t bother me. Another cost of doing business and yes I will pass along the additional $4 to my customer. This increase does not break the bank. However, I will agree with Dwight on the FedEx to UPS switch. I used to be able to rely on packages reaching me before lunch. UPS delivery times, around me, are variable at best. One day its 1:00 the next I get it at 4:00. This matters more to me than the $4 increase due to the fact my clients don’t care when they get the order. I rely on morning delivery for planning purposes. I have adjudged that aspect of my business and will continue to work with your lab. The finished products and customer service have always been very positive and reliable.

Thank you Millers.

Miller's Support says:

We sincerely appreciate your feedback on UPS, Dan. We will continue to closely work with them to see how we can improve upon the timing of deliveries.

mary says:

I appreciate the convenience of drop ship, but I have been uneasy ever since you switched providers. The new option of a six dollar fee of UPS Ground makes me even more nervous, and I can’t see choosing that option. The idea of a package remaining in transit for several days is really worrisome. The more something is moved around, the greater the chance that it will get damaged. When packages are drop shipped to my clients, I would like for the final presentation (the package itself) to be representative of the product and all the care that Millers and I put into producing it. Millers does excellent work and I can’t thank you enough for being such a wonderful company to work with. Every dealing that I have had with your company has been so professional, helpful and friendly. I understand that your prices have gone up, and I know that you are looking for a solution that will be a win-win.

Have you considered FedEx overnight as the $10.00 option and UPS ground as the $6.00 option? Those people who have everything delivered to their studios will hate me for suggesting this, but perhaps there should be a small fee for every delivery if this means that we can return to FedEx. If the news that we had gotten last year had been that FedEx would cost more, that would have been so much easier to take than the switch to an inferior provider.

I miss the reliability of FedEx. When UPS delivers to my house they drop the package somewhere close to the door. My FedEx carriers always put packages between the storm door and the front door very carefully. When it looked like it was going to rain, FedEx always placed the package in a plastic bag. With UPS, I have come home to packages that have been rained on. In the past the combination of Millers and FedEx made me feel so confident about exactly what my clients were getting. Thank you for listening.

Miller's Support says:

Hi Mary, thank you so much for your thoughtful response. We always keep a close eye on the quality of our service and we will remain steadfast in exploring ways to improve. Your feedback plays an enormous role in our decision making and we very thankful for your help. I will pass this along to our decision making team to make sure your voice is heard. Thanks again. – Vinee

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