Webinar Series: Don’t Kick It Old School

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School photography, as most people think of it, is one of the few styles of photography that has largely remained the same since its inception. We’ve teamed up with renowned photographer Neal Freed for a free webinar series to discuss how you can reimagine school photography, increase sales, improve your workflow and more. This five-part series begins July 7th at noon EST with a new episode airing each Thursday. If you’re unable to attend, we will also have the episodes available to stream.

Webinar (July 7th) – Introduction to “New School” School Photography

Webinar (July 14th) – Getting the School

Webinar (July 21) – Learn How to Establish Packages and Products to Maximize Sales

Webinar (July 28) – How to Set Up for School Photo Day

Webinar (August 4) – Tips for a Successful School Photography Workflow

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27 thoughts on “Webinar Series: Don’t Kick It Old School

anne says:

Looking forward to learning new ideas!

Rose Muse says:

Looking forward to a new perspective !

Thank you! Looking forward to it!! I just closed two new school contracts this week and am looking forward to this very timely course!!

Thank you for streaming the classes, due to having in-studio appointments on those days. We can’t wait to learn some new ideas to boost our sales.

Blayne White says:

Excited to pick up some tips for streamlining the entire process. We’re doing well with schools already, but we know there is room for improvement! Also, thanks for streaming because we’re in the middle of senior portraits and might not be able to make all of them live. 🙂

Mark Laing says:

Great webinar!

Sadie Glass says:

Hi, I missed some of the first one, where can we see the rest of it?

Miller's Support says:

Hi Sadie, we will be sending a follow-up email with the link to the first webinar!

Nena says:


Gary says:

I had an event come up and had to miss it. Will you make the recording available? I heard it was great.

Carolyn Schneider says:

Was really looking forward to the webinar but had an appt that conflicted with it. Where can I see a recording of it?

Miller's Support says:

Hi Gary, we will be providing a link to the recording. We are finishing up some editing, then we will email it out to you all!

Miller's Support says:

Hi Carolyn, we will be providing a link to the recording. We are finishing up some editing, then we will email it out to you all!

gene doten says:

Please send me link to school photography links. I need to break it up because its to chatty, but there are bits of info I need to hear.

Thank you,

Miller's Support says:

Hi Gene, I have emailed you the link!

Aaa says:

Hi I missed the last one… when will you have it to see? thanks so much

Brother Jaye says:

Thank you I miss the 1st class, how can I see it again.

I would love Thursdays link too pretty please. I had a sales session and couldn’t reschedule.

Thank you in advance!

Of course our internet crashed 5 minutes into the second webinar. Will a recorded link be provided in the future? Thanks!

Miller's Support says:

Yes, we are working on the recording now. You can come back here to find it, but you’ll also receive an email with it!

Miller's Support says:

Hi Denise, we are working on the recording for the second episode now!

Miller's Support says:

Hi Brother Jaye, if you click the link for the first episode you’ll be able to watch it. Thanks!

Miller's Support says:

Hi Amanda, we are working on the recording of the second episode now. You can also view the first one at the link above. Thanks!

Carolyn Schneider says:

There’s no recording for the last one? — the packages and products one? I neeeeeed to see it, please!

Miller's Support says:

Hi Carolyn, the video is now posted above. You beat us to the punch!

Hi there,

Would love to see all the episode’s if you can send us a link we sure would appreciate it
Thanks so much

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