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Like clockwork each year, an imaginary switch is flipped the day after Thanksgiving. We hurriedly get to the lab on Friday morning to discover that our photographers have announced the beginning of the holiday busy season. Rush, as we fondly call it in the lab, is the ultimate test of teamwork, communication, time management and training.

We bring on loads of seasonal help to assist with our influx in volume. Veteran employees spend a great deal of time training and assisting new faces with their tasks to insure that each order is properly printed and packaged. When we say “shipping around the clock”, this is not hyperbole. We are here at the lab 24 hours a day, seven days a week until December 23rd so your clients can receive their packages in time for Christmas Day.

Through these late nights and early mornings, our teams bond and grow closer than ever before. We are able to come through with last-minute emergency orders, troubleshoot ordering issues and assist with the many details that come with running a photography business during the holidays. All of these amazing feats are possible for one reason: our people.

We invite you to take a moment to check out the amazing individuals behind the scenes that bring your creations to life. (Columbia, Mo lab)














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161 thoughts on “Life at the Lab

Allison says:

Your turnaround was stellar as always during our busiest season. And when mistakes occur, your team is so quick to correct with great customer service. Thank you thank you thank you!

Dawn Geis says:

Thanks for sharing pictures of your hard working family at Miller’s! I’ve been a customer since 1999,
and don’t ever plan on stopping. You do an awesome job year round but really shine at Christmas time. I had a problem with some Christmas cards (my fault) You worked with me to
get it right. My customer received them on Dec. 21st as planned. They loved them, and I loved being able to deliver a quality product on time.
You guys are awesome! Everyone of you.
Have a Happy New year!

Bill says:

You folks are the best!
Thank you for the great products and service.
Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year

Oli Rusu says:

THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL WORK! Is definitely highly appreciated! Blessings from a tropical island! You made a lot of people happy!!! ?

YOU ARE ALL AMAZING AT WHAT YOU DO!! Thank you so much for working hard and keeping us going!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for working so hard over the holiday (and always)! Your team is amazing and will always be one of my favorite labs.

Valerie says:

Amazing service and so grateful for Millers Lab!

Lisa Giovino says:

I have NEVER been disappointed with the quality or promptness I have received from the crew at Miller’s…YOU GIRLS AND GUYS ROCK !!!


I hope you had a MERRY CHRISTMAS and Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!

Jeff Dyer says:

Another great job again this year guys! Looking forward to an even better one in 2016!

Melanie says:

Thank you so very much for your awesome service always, but especially over the holiday season! Also for making sure everything is correct! Turn around is astounding!
Have a great New Year!!

I cannot THANK YOU all enough for the hard work and endless hours you commit during the Christmas season! I know as a photographer, I sacrifice time with my family and lose sleep to meet my own busy season deadlines of editing and designing and ordering. Every now and then I wonder if my clients realize those sacrifices and I think how awesome it would be to just hear thank you and I appreciate what you do. I know that the Millers team sacrifice a lot during the crazy busy season, too, and I wish I were local to just give you all a big hug. Please know how much your service to all of us photographers is GREATLY APPRECIATED!! I’m a lifetime client for sure!! Happiest of New Year wishes to each of you!! ??

Heather says:

Miller’s is the best! Your customer service is amazing as is the turn around time of orders. Love your amazing print quality too.

Erica Porter says:

Thank you all for your hard work and dedication to your customers through the holidays!

Bob Hurt says:

Twas as nice a holiday presentation as any I have seen.
Bob Hurt

Annie says:

Thank you so much for all the excellent work that you put into your outstanding, beautiful products!!! You do an amazing job!! We appreciate it so much!!!

Hope you had a joyous Christmas and have a fantastic New Year!!!!

Vaughn says:

I’ve never had a mistake by you guys and your always in time and everyone loves your work!!! More to some this 2016!!! Big things thanks to you guys!!!

Jason Lykins says:

You ladies and gentlemen do a fantastic job! The quality and timeliness are second to none. This is why I will never use another lab. Thank you for all of the hard work that you do day in and day out!

Joslyn Crowl says:

Thank you so much for working so hard for all of us! You all do an amazing job and my thoughts and well wishes were with you as you all worked so hard for us. Everything arrived on time and beautiful as always.

Thank you!
Love from Ohio

Kasey Marsh says:

Your elves are extraordinary. Quality and turnaround/shipping was phenomenal this year as always. Thanks so much for helping make my business run smoothly!!!

Khara Plicanic says:

A class act all the way around! Love you guys!

Jim Wingo says:

Incredible. Had client order images on Saturday evening. She had them in her hands the following Monday. Thanks to all of you guys. Oh, and FedEx!

TonySchock says:

First season with you guys…AWESOME. Thanks for everything…

audra terry says:

a huge thank you to all of you!!!! Millers is the most amazing company around and without you my job would be so much harder. you guys are reliable and the service is so outstanding i could just squeeze all of you!!! hahaha thank you so much for all of you!!!!!

Crystal says:

Thank you for your hard work! All that effort shows in the exceptional quality products produced! Thank you!

You guys are simply amazing! I am in awe of the speed that my orders are delivered and the quality of each and every print I have ever received from you. I have found my lab. Happy New Year!

Kerri says:

I’ve always been impressed with Miller’s, their quality and quick turnaround times.thanks!!

Steve Wylie says:

You guys are simply the best. I’ve probably ordered 50,000 prints from you over the years and I never cease to be amazed at how conscientious you are with all of my orders, especially during the holiday season.

Carrie says:

Thank you Thank you Thank you to ALL of your staff. The turn time for the “RUSH” was amazingly fast. Thank you all for working 24/7 to make our jobs easier.

Kellie says:

I LOVE MILLER’S! THANK YOU SO MUCH for all you do for us throughout the year and during the holidays. There’s no comparison! ALSO! I want to buy a Miller’s T-shirt! The black with the yellow athletic looking logo!

Amy says:

You guys nailed it this year! Everything came perfectly and on time! >fist bump<

Mardy Murphy says:

Absolutely the best lab ever! Every order I sent in was returned in record time and beautifully process! Thank you to everyone at Millers Lab and happy New Year!

Okolo Sandy says:

First time I ordered I fell in love with Miller’s quality work and fast turn around! Glad to see the faces behind “my lab”. Yes I consider your lab my lab because I feel part of the family now. Bless your hearts and continue to deliver excellent work!

I gotta say that what The Miller’s Lab Team managed to do over the holiday season was very impressive! Your already incredible service was taken to a higher level at a time when demand was at its highest and for that…I Salute You All!!

Happy 2016 To All,


Lori Fahrenholz says:

You folks at Miller’s constantly amaze me. Your products are outstanding and they are delivered so quickly! I am so happy that I found you!

wow that is really cool to see. what an awesome team!

I am so grateful to have found Miller’s Lab. Your customer service is the best, especially when I’m stressed out! The care in which you service every order reminds me of the folks at L.L. Bean….and look where they are today! Thank you for being MY lab.
Happy New Year and continued success in 2016.
(a special shout-out to the amazing Kathy Wheeler!)

Thank you for all your hard work! It is so much appreciated. Because of your efforts my clients are dazzled every single time! Cheers to a new year full of orders!

Your work, customer service, packaging, turnaround and free FedEx make you the TOP choice for all my photographic needs. Thanks for all you do and for getting my client’s orders to me so FAST! Love you all.

Aaron Berger says:

I will continue to say over and over again how professional, timely and exceptional you all are!! I have used other labs in the past, and they just don’t and won’t ever compare. It’s sometimes hard to believe that the quality remains so high, given the fastest turnaround time in the industry. From albums to prints and not to forget the fantastic customer service, there is no other lab that compares to Miller’s!!

You all ROCK!!! Thank you so much for all you do for us year after year!! Best Lab EVER!! Seriously!!! <3

I commend you on your outstanding quality and exceptional customer service both of which are state of the art. Your products and services allow me to provide my clients with best possible options in the industry. Thank you for your continued level of service and quality. I look forward to a successful 2016. Happy New Year to the fine Miller’s Lab Team….
Meyer Gladstone

Your team is absolutely amazing!! Millers has the fastest turnaround time, and my products always look so gorgeous! I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work over the holidays. I LOVE Millers and recommend you all the time to other photographers. The customer service also can’t be beat. Seriously, you’re the best lab ever. Thank you so much, and Happy New Year!

Barb Thornberry says:

Our local high school in New Jersey won the state football championship! The offense of coordinator’s wife wanted to create a collage of the celebration images I took after the game, and by the time we got it together, It was close to Christmas. …well the package arrived at 6:30pm Christmas Eve … I delivered the package to their home! Hooray Millers! ???????????? I hear coach was in tears!!! As always many thanks!!!!

Mark Laing says:

Super fast, great prices, stellar stuff. My clients’ photos seem to arrive almost as soon as I hit the “Send” button – what an amazing team! Happy New Year!
Mark Laing Creative Photography

Jean Singer says:

It was so nice to see all of you in these photos! The faces behind the great lab and wonderful customer service!!!
Happy New Year to all!

It is great to see your employees get this well-deserved recognition. You truly make us look good. As a Pitt State Gorilla, I’ve got to include the Pittsburg operation in this “thank you.”

Happy New Year!

Thank you for all your hard work this season 🙂 I am a new customer this year and your company has fantastic customer service 🙂

Michael Wine says:

It was a busy month for me, and Miller’s kept pace. All of my orders went to the clients in record time, and everything was perfect.

Thanks, Miller’s, for helping me look professional and perform!

Kristie says:

Hope you are now getting some rest & have a Happy New Year!

Laura A says:

Everything about Millers is a “Class Act” Thanks for being you – always going above and beyond. Exceptional Employees. You are appreciated by me and many others. Thank YOU!

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