Sale: 25% off Restoration and Painter Services

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Save 25% on Painter & Restoration Services through November 30th.

Miller’s Art Department is here to help you with your most demanding editing projects. From restoring damaged photographs to transforming images in gorgeous digital paintings, we have a skilled team of artists ready to lighten your workload. Offer expires November 30th.

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4 thoughts on “Sale: 25% off Restoration and Painter Services

Dianna Helsel says:

Hello – I am interested in having some old photographs blown up and made into a small keepsake. Could you please send me some info regarding this? Thank you so much!

Dianna Helsel
Dianna Nicole Photography

Miller's Support says:

Hi Dianna, you can find additional info regarding restoring your old photographs here:

tammy mccloud says:

can you send me a picture of the {Painter Services” before and after.
Thank you,
Tammy McCLoud

Miller's Support says:

Hi Tammy, you can view examples of the painter effect here:

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